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Outpost: Infinity Siege Update Patch Notes Mar 31


[Patch Notes] v1.0-7d345fe.2024.0331.19 Optimization and bug fixes

Thank you for your patience. We have made some adjustments to the multi-player mode in the last patch. Should you have any further feedback or suggestions regarding this content, please feel free to contact us at any time!
We have thoroughly read and evaluated all the feedback we have recently received. We will develop and optimize solutions based on priority.
Please continue to follow our updates for more information!


Outpost: Infinity Siege Update Patch Notes Apr 1


[Patch Notes] v1.0-7d345fe.2024.0331.19

1. In Tour Mode, before players make their first step in the Tactical Map, they can now abandon the tour without any penalty.
2. The autoloader will be unlocked after completing Snow Ruins Difficult 1.
3. Adjusted the item drop rate for the Creeper Spiders; details are available in the [Enemies] section.
4. Reduced the damage from lightning strikes to players during thunderstorm weather.
5. Added bullet-time operation tips in command mode.
6. Bug fix on Kronos that will affect game difficulty. Please see the [bug fix] section for more details.


1. Reduced the time for characters to harvest wreckage by 50%.
2. Removed the progress bar for picking up turrets.
3. Optimized the CIWS shooting experience when held by operatives.


1. Creeper Spiders in exploration areas no longer trigger the Sympathetic Detonation effect.
2. Killing Creeper Spiders will always drop items, which may include Care Packages or High Explosives.
3. Significantly reduced the damage from grenades thrown by Envoys.
4. Added tutorial prompts upon the first encounter with Kronos/Crius.


1. Optimized the mission flow and tutorial experience for Operation Starfall.
2. Fixed a bug where Nebulas could see through walls.
3. On the first Exploration Day of Windy Desert, the mission item will now appear at one fixed location.
4. For the three material-type devices (Material Assembler, Power Converter, Disassembler), if they are working at the end of a day, their tasks will automatically be completed at the start of the next day.


1. Improved bullet impact feedback.
2. Enhanced the smoothness of environmental sound transitions between indoor and outdoor settings.


[BUG Fixes]
1. Fixed several crash-related issues.
2. Fixed a bug where Kronos in City Ruins would not fire missiles for a period after spawning.(Please note that this will cause combat difficulty to rise!)
3. Fixed abnormal hand gear appearance when using emotes.
4. Fixed an issue where scorpions would not play the attack animation during the game for client players.
5. Partially fixed an issue where client players might not see distant enemies.
6. Partially fixed model residue problems after missiles from Missile Tanks are destroyed.
7. Fixed a bug with the range limit of autoloader.
8. Fixed the activation effect for turrets.
9. Fixed several operational anomalies in the mission [Operation Starfall].
10. Fixed texture issues encountered during the mission [Seraph].
11. Fixed potential mission-stucking issues during the mission [Seraph].
12. Fixed a bug with abnormal object interaction in Abandoned Hospital in Snow Ruins.
13. Partially fixed a bug in the mission [Nebulas] where mission items could clip through models, preventing pickup.
14. Adjusted the drop rate of "keycards": related exploration areas like the [crater] will now at least spawn one keycard.
15. Fixed an issue where springboards in the abandoned lab could be attacked by enemies.
16. Fixed a problem with the sight model being too small in the scene.
17. Fixed an issue where the volume settings would become ineffective when switching between full screen and windowed modes.
18. Fixed a bug where some main missions could get stuck and not progress.
19. Fixed an issue with abnormal text in the loading screen tips at the bottom of the interface.


Outpost: Infinity Siege Update Patch Notes Mar 30


That’s all there is to the patch notes for the Mar 31 update for Outpost: Infinity Siege on Steam PC.

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