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No Rest For The Wicked Update Patch Notes April 23

A compilation of the patch notes for the third and fourth hotfixes thus far on April 23, for No Rest for the Wicked, the souls-like action RPG which entered Early Access on April 18, 2024.

The complete patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:

UPDATED April 27


No Rest For The Wicked Update Patch Notes April 26


🛠️ Patch Notes – Early Access Hotfix 4 April 23

This hotfix covers more cases of the Nameless Pass progression blocker, balance adjustments, performance improvements and we snuck in a few more bug fixes!

As always, thank you for your continued feedback and bug reports!


⚔️ Performance Improvements:
  • Fixed a leak with GPU Culling


⚔️ Bounties and Challenges Changes:
  • Bounties and Challenges are no longer deleted if you choose to abandon them
  • Added confirmation when choosing to abandon Challenges


⚔️ Balance Changes:
  • Adjusted Damage On Parry enchantments


⚔️ Loot Changes:
  • Adjusted loot drop rates from chests
  • Added more furniture to Whittacker’s Shop


⚔️ Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Nameless Pass cranes still not rotating correctly in some existing realms (their position will now reset to default)
  • Fixed sell value on Raw and Refined materials at vendors still being only ¼ of what they should be
  • Fix for the Channel rune icon not showing up when player has no Focus
  • Fixed Focus Gain On Hit enchantment text displaying a larger Focus number
  • Fixed incorrect levels for some items at vendors
  • Improved collision at Mariner’s Keep Tower area
  • Fixed typo in interaction hint for Eleanor's door


To give feedback and report bugs, please head on over to our No Rest for the Wicked forum!



🛠️ Patch Notes – Early Access Hotfix 3 April 22

The Watcher’s call has been answered, our biggest Hotfix Patch has arrived!

We improved Performance, Balance, Loot, Harvesting, Graphics, fixed progression blockers and added new options in the Settings Screen. A good few dozen other bugs across the rest of the game have also been squashed.

The amount of feedback, bug reports, and reviews we’ve received so far has been awesome! Please continue sending them in!


⚔️ Performance Improvements:
  • Improved area streaming, making the game feel smoother while traversing across different areas
  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling is now less aggressive, maintaining higher image quality
  • Improved culling for off-screen physics objects and characters
  • Fixed culling for bird animations, improving their performance in levels (there’s a lot of them!)
  • Additional Shader Optimizations for performance mode
  • Fixed a leak which increased memory and CPU usage the longer the game was played
  • Optimized rain and other GPU particles
  • Opening Cinematics and Ship Prologue Optimizations
  • Memory optimizations for character customization textures
  • Additional general CPU performance improvements


⚔️ Graphics Additions and Fixes:
  • Adjusting Brightness / Contrast / Saturation no longer breaks HDR rendering
  • Fade to Black now actually fully fades to black in HDR mode


  • ⚔️ Settings Additions and Fixes:
  • Added Camera Zoom Adjustment Option
  • Automatic Camera Zoom adjustment for handheld devices and Performance Mode


⚔️ Menu Changes:
  • Added a new menu for exiting the game which includes both Exit To Main Menu and Exit To Desktop (localized text for this menu is coming soon!)
  • Adjusted Repair menu size to accommodate for text in other languages


⚔️ Balance Changes:
  • Weapons parrying now consumes Stamina (Shields parrying remains unchanged)
  • Nerfed Gain Focus On Focus Use enchantment
  • Unarmed can now land hits while enemies are on the ground after performing a Backstab


⚔️ Loot Changes:
  • Adjusted Dig Spot rates such that Clay drops more often
  • Reduced the number of hits needed for Dig Spots, Ore Veins, and Trees


⚔️ Enemy Changes:
  • Improved behavior for Nith Screamer and Shackled Brute


⚔️ Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the crane not turning correctly in Nameless Pass and blocking players from progressing
  • Fixed a chest at Mariner’s Keep elevator locking you in when trying to loot it
  • Fixed dig spots sometimes not giving any loot
  • Fixed remaining enemies and bosses becoming kaijus
  • Fixed Falstead Darak dealing damage during his transition while he is still human
  • Fixed certain doors in Sacrament not having interaction hints
  • Fixed missing VFX for attacks by the Twin Bruisers, False Ones and Boarskin Axe
  • Fixed condition where enemies attack when they should not
  • Fixed vendor buy/sell prices on Raw and Refined materials being only ¼ of what they should be
  • Fixed missing furniture items at Workbench
  • Fixed Mira and Meri’s Spinning Wheel not allowing players to refine wool threads into garments
  • Fixed keyboard and mouse buttons not working on Bounties contribute panel
  • Fixed an issue where side notifications would occasionally spam players
  • Fixed parry tutorial trigger conditions
  • Fixed wording of enchanting tutorial to more accurately describe common rarity
  • Fixed spot in the Prologue where you can jump off the ship
  • Fixed sizing of a railing on the ship in the Prologue
  • Fixed spots where you can get stuck in a climbing loop in Orban Glades and Nameless Pass
  • Fixed spot in the Black Trench where you can see out of world
  • Fixed Angler's Delight Chowder’s recipe name
  • Changed Danos’ confirm button color so it does not look grayed out
  • Fixed NPCs not knowing how to hold fishing rods in Nameless Pass
  • Fixed missing shadows and incorrect volumetric fog after changing resolution
  • Fixed reflection popping in sewers dungeon
  • Fixed torches and fire popping in cinematics
  • Fixed rain appearing in caves in Nameless Pass
  • Fixed missing audio for waterfall in Potion Seller Cave
  • Fixed missing audio for Nameless Pass Prisoner chopping and mining
  • Fixed an issue where there was a super bright mist in the Twins Boss arena after respawning
  • Fixed pink effects appearing in faders at times
  • Improved collision in some places at Orban Glades
  • Improved faders in Nameless Pass
  • Fixed Photosensitivity screen having overlapping text in certain languages


To give feedback and report bugs, please head on over to our No Rest for the Wicked forum!


No Rest For The Wicked Update Patch Notes April 20


Those are the patch notes on April 23 for No Rest for the Wicked.

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