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No Rest For The Wicked Update Patch Notes April 20

A compilation of the patch notes for both hotfixes so far on April 20, for No Rest for the Wicked, the souls-like action RPG which entered Early Access on April 18, 2024.

The complete patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:

UPDATED April 27


No Rest For The Wicked Update Patch Notes April 26


🛠️ Patch Notes – Early Access Hotfix 2 April 20

No Rest for the Devs as we’re back with another hotfix! Today’s hotfix aims to improve Performance (woooo!), Durability, Food costs, as well as introducing fishing rods to Whittacker's loot table. We’ve also improved enemy spawning in Nameless Pass, fixed some gaps in localization, and squashed a handful of other bugs.

Keep sending us your feedback (and bug reports)!! Now onto the patch notes!


⚔️ Performance Improvements:
  • Improved overall rendering performance
  • Additional optimizations in Balanced and Performance Quality Modes
  • Improved overall performance of Visual Effects and Fog
  • Improved performance on the Ship Prologue
  • Additional smaller performance improvements


⚔️ Balance Changes:
  • Increased Durability on tools:
  • Tier 1 - 100 Durability
  • Tier 2 - 125 Durability
  • Tier 3 - 150 Durability
  • Nerfed Silver Ring’s enchantment and buffed base stats
  • Buffed Riven Twins Boss by removing stagger on parry


⚔️ Loot Changes:
  • Moved Water Channel key to a chest in the Black Trench while we investigate Plague Leader not spawning for certain players
  • Adjusted Food costs to be more balanced in terms of cost to health gained
  • Improved drops for Clay and other rocks at Dig Spots
  • Introduced fishing rods to Whittacker's loot table


⚔️ Crafting Changes:
  • Added Tool crafting at Crafting Tables


⚔️ Area Changes:
  • Improved critter spawns (such as Deer) in some areas
  • Improved enemy spawning in Nameless Pass
  • Added a few more loot spawn locations in Nameless Pass
  • Polished art and climbables for Mariner's Keep


⚔️ Combat Improvements:
  • Adjusted Wolf and Plague Wolf targeting to remove aggressive rotation
  • Improved audio for Riven Twins Boss


⚔️ Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed missing text in Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  • Fixed certain interaction texts appearing in the wrong language
  • Improved clarity for Filmore’s free repairs till you reach Sacrament
  • Fixed Map not showing area names on hover
  • Fixed Echo Knight Boss AoE damage zone not matching visual effects
  • Fixed enemies becoming kaijus (visually)
  • Fixed Shinies and Chests visually pulling a disappearing act in sewers
  • Fixed deleted chests not dropping loot bags when inventory is full
  • Removed the chest roasting over an open Campfire in Nameless Pass
  • Fixed rain sounds from occasionally appearing in the Phalen Church cinematic
  • Fixed Terms of Service and Privacy Policy screens so they appear correctly in all languages


To give feedback and report bugs, please head on over to our No Rest for the Wicked forum!



🛠️ Early Access Hotfix 1 – Patch Notes April 19

THANK YOU again to all of you for making our Early Access launch so amazing. Today’s hotfix is the first of many upcoming patches and updates to improve No Rest for the Wicked on the road to our 1.0 release.

We hear you! While we are hard at work on performance improvements and controller remapping, which are coming soon, please be sure to check the resolution settings for the game to be able to get the best experience in the meantime.

Today’s Day 2 hotfix aims to improve balance, durability, stamina, loot, stability, and immediate quality of life:


⚔️ Balance Changes:
  • Reduced Durability Damage Taken
  • Reduced Repair Costs
  • Increased Drop Rate on Repair Powders
  • Reduced Stamina Costs
  • Reduced Fall Damage Curve
  • Reduced cost of Horseshoe Crab and food that includes Horseshoe Crab
  • Balance update for the Cerim Crucible boss
  • Changed Corpse-Smeared Blade starting from Tier 2 to Tier 1


⚔️ Loot Changes:
  • Introduced more Weapons into Fillmore's Pre-Sacrament Loot Table
  • Reduced Drop Rate of Fallen Embers


⚔️ Stability:
  • Fixed crash that could occur when quitting out to the main menu


⚔️ Bug Fixes:
  • Improved inventory navigation
  • Fixed jump at Potion Seller Cave so you can’t miss the jump when executed correctly
  • Blocked off an out of bounds area of Nameless Pass
  • Removed lingering dev tools


To give feedback and report bugs, please head on over to our No Rest for the Wicked forum!


No Rest For The Wicked Update Patch Notes April 23


Those are the patch notes on April 20 for No Rest for the Wicked on Steam PC.

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