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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Where to Find the Earth Rod

In Firaxxis’ tactical deckbuilder/RPG hybrid Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players spend a lot of time at their tactical hub, the Abbey. Here, you can do everything from petting your demon dog Charlie, to crafting, to hanging out with your superhero teammates. Additionally, there are several secrets hidden around the sprawling grounds of this extradimensional church, including the Earth Rod, which you can gain information and clues about from the ghost of Agatha Harkness and the Scarlet Witch’s book in the library. 

The first secret Agatha will ask you for help with after you get the library open is finding elemental rods that Wanda was doing experiments with. She needs these returned to her altar to power it and unlock more of the Abbey to both of you. There are four of these rods, one corresponding to each natural element (air, water, fire, earth). One of the hardest of these Midnight Suns rods to find is the Earth Rod.

How to Find the Earth Rod in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Where to find the Earth Rod in Midnight Suns.

To find the rods hidden around the grounds of the Abbey, you will need to consult the book that the Scarlet Witch has written copious magical notes in, found in the library. Every night during the free time you have to explore before going to bed, Wanda’s book will offer a different hint about where one of the rods is. Each location is tied to the element of the rod, as Wanda was apparently trying to charge them with their particular kind of energy. 

The clue for the Earth Rod will point you back towards the Hunter’s Folly area of the larger grounds. You will need to make your way back to the crypt the Hunter was resting in before the events of the game forced their resurrection. When you return here, a big, stone door will be blocking your way. You will need to use the Open Word of Power by pressing your controller’s right trigger to get back into the Hunter’s crypt. Once it’s opened back up, the Earth Rod will be inside. It’s a glowing green thing, so you really can’t miss it. 

Once you have the Earth Rod in hand, return to Agatha’s Altar. You can either take the long way and walk, or you can use the handy fast-travel feature on the map. Back at the altar, you need to match the Earth Rod with its corresponding pillar, which is one of the two on the right side when you’re facing the altar. Its pattern will match the one on the Earth Rod when you open the menu to place an item there. When you have the right rod in the right pillar, it will glow the same color as the corresponding element. So for the Earth Rod, it will glow green.