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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Magik Hangouts Guide: All Answers

What to say when your conversation partner doesn’t want you to say anything.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is as much a relationship simulator as it is a card-slinging tactics game. Building strong friendships with the residents of the Abbey is a great way to boost your strength, for example, by unlocking combo cards that do hundreds of damage. There’s no time crunch, but the most efficient way to get heroes like Magik to like you in Midnight Suns is by picking the right Hangouts spots and saying the right things.

Magik is the mutant that helps the team portal into enemy hideouts, but she’s also a powerful warrior in her own right. Her spatial manipulation lets her move enemies all over the map at will, which is handy when the ground’s on fire (more likely than you might think). She’s not very social, but that’s okay: Midnight Suns includes suitable activities for even the most boring personalities.

We’ll update this guide as we find more conversations to min-max.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Hangout Conversation Answers for Magik

magik midnight suns weird candies

If Magik mentions that Hunter always knows when to say nothing, the best response is the bottom, “say nothing” for an easy +2.

If Magik is threatening you with weird candies, the right response is the middle, “I’m not afraid,” for another +2.

During a Haven use, the conversation options become twice as valuable. If she asks about your nationality, the best answer is the bottom, “No country claims me,” for +4 friend XP.

If she asks about your hobbies instead, the answer is on top, “I used to have one,” for +4.

Magik: All Hangout Activity Friendship Gains

magik hunter say nothing

Magik is quiet, and prefers quiet activities.

  • Painting: +7 friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Reading by the fire: +7 friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Meditation: +7 friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Mushroom Foraging: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Fishing: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Birdwatching: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Picnic: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)

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