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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Iron Man Hangouts Guide: All Answers

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has hangout spots & conversation answers that work best with certain heroes, including the egotistical Iron Man. When you aren’t using the game’s card-based combat in tense missions, your custom hero, The Hunter, has the ability to explore and hang out with all kinds of Marvel heroes in the Abbey. This can lead to fun interactions that help flesh out the cast of Midnight Suns.

However, these benefits are more than surface-level dialogue. Increasing friendship level with the heroes can grant a bevy of benefits, including new attacks, stat buffs, & more. With that in mind, here’s the best hangout conversation answers & spots for Tony Stark. We’ll be updating this guide with information as we get it, so keep checking back for updates!

Best Iron Man Hangout Answers in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Another conversation you can have has to do with the Spark. Tony will ask what you think of it. Respond to this with “I love it! I use it all the time.” Unsurprisingly, boosting Tony’s ego does wonders for your friendship.

In another conversation with Tony Stark, the Hunter will ask him why he names all of his products after himself. Tony will ask the same question back. The maximum friendship XP gain will come from the answer “Responsibility.”

Another possible conversation is initiated by the Hunter asking Tony why he has so much money. Tony calls it a necessary evil, and the best answer is “You don’t seem bothered by the question.”

You can also converse about the Hunter’s death. Tony asks where you end up after being dead. Choose the answer “I don’t remember.” None of the answers give a very definitive answer if you had the same question as Tony, though.

In a different Iron Man conversation, Tony muses on whether the Hunter could be resurrected again. Answer “I hope so. Why?” to get the best result.

Best Iron Man/Tony Stark Hangout Activities – Midnight Suns

In addition to conversation answers, you’ll get base friendship gains from different hangout activities. Here’s some of Iron Man’s friendship gains from each activity to you can share with him:

  • Have a drink: 0 friendship XP (disliked the activity)
  • Working out: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Fishing: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Playing cards: +7 friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Pool Lounging: +7 friendship XP (loved the activity)
  • Watching a movie: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Deep Conversation: +5 friendship XP (liked the activity)
  • Reading by the fire: +7 friendship XP (loved the activity)

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