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Marvel Snap Daken Deck Guide: The Best Daken Decks

Looking for a Marvel Snap Daken deck to try on day 1 of the new season pass? We’ve got you covered with three of the best Daken decks to try on day 1 of the August 2023 season, “Big in Japan.” With all of the cards coming to the game in this season, it seems that Snap players are going to be treated to many cards to help bolster the destroy deck archetype. Here’s what you need to know about crafting a Daken deck on day 1.

Daken Card Overview

Daken – On Reveal: Add the Muramasa Shard to your hand.

Muramasa Shard – When this is discarded or destroyed, double Daken’s power.

Daken is an interesting player in the typical destroy format. Instead of wanting to be destroyed himself, Daken generates a separate card to be destroyed. Naturally, that means this card would pair greatly with some of your typical destroy suspects, like Carnage and Killmonger. The discard aspect means he pairs well with cards like M.O.D.O.K. and Colleen Wing. Finally, his cost means he can pair well with power-buffing cards, like Silver Surfer & Forge.

Best Marvel Snap Daken Decks: Daken Destroy

A Daken destroy deck in Marvel Snap.


This is perhaps the most obvious way of utilizing Daken, with a bit of a twist. Pairing him with a lot of typical destroy cards, especially 1-cost staples like Nova and Deadpool, is a great way to boost Daken’s power and gain additional cards to drop big power with on the final turn. Absorbing Man is a bit of a wildcard, acting as a way to create an additional Muramasa Shard or have a backup destroy strategy. Forge and Hulkbuster, too, are great ways to buff up Daken. Use Daken and the cards around to set up a devastating final turn to win with Daken and Death!

Daken Discard Deck

Daken discard deck, one of the best Marvel Snap decks for the new character.

Another possibility for Daken is to go back to a different popular archetype: discard. Play this discard in mostly the same way you normally would. The Muramasa Shard will naturally fit into your discard rhythm, with both Colleen Wing and M.O.D.O.K. being great options to get rid of the Shard. The 3/8 drop will be very powerful, especially when next to a buffed Nebula and/or Morbius, Apocalypse-boosted Dracula, America Chavez, and a whole lot of Swarms.

Daken Surfer – Best Marvel Snap Daken Deck

A play on one of the best meta decks at the moment (and, admittedly, my current favorite), pairing Daken with a Silver Surfer Marvel Snap deck seems like it could be a strong addition to many players arsenal. Most of the typical pieces are the same: use Nova and Goose early, then fill the board with three-cost cards. The Muramasa Shard fits in quite well with the typical playing ramp, especially if you can manage to play Daken on turn three, then the Shard in addition to another 3-cost on turn 4. However, if you can play Nakia to boost his power beforehand, Daken can get boosted even more. Try using Surfer before destroying the Shard with Venom or Killmonger to boost Daken as high as possible!

Those are some of the best Marvel Snap Daken decks to try on the first day of the new card! Try out Daken with all sorts of archetypes, and be ready to experiment as more new cards release throughout the season. If you want to get into a different deck, though, check out our High Evolutionary Control Deck guide!