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Marvel Snap High Evolutionary Guide: Best High Evo Control Deck

High Evolutionary has been one of the best cards in Marvel Snap, creating and refreshing multiple new deck archetypes. Playing him in your deck unlocks the abilities of cards that had no effect prior, such as Wasp and Thing.

This game-changing effect has resulted in the creation of various High Evolutionary decks, that has taken the Marvel Snap meta by storm. In particular, High Evolutionary has found great success in a control deck, which aims to interact with your opponent over multiple turns and prevent them from executing their win conditions. Even through the card’s recent nerfs have made Wasp and Hulk less powerful, High Evo is still very viable.

Here is our breakdown of one of the best High Evolutionary decks in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap High Evolutionary Control Deck

The cardlist for a High Evolutionary control deck in Marvel Snap.

The cards in this High Evo deck are:

  • Wasp
  • Daredevil
  • Jeff
  • Spider-Ham
  • Wave
  • Storm
  • Cyclops
  • The Thing
  • High Evolutionary
  • Spider-Man
  • Doctor Doom
  • The Hulk

The Wasp is a potent card in this deck. Thanks to High Evolutionary, she gains the On Reveal ability of reducing the power of two cards at her location by 1-power each. This effect makes her a great play at the last turn of the game, as your opponent may not be expecting a free card to be played on the last turn of the match. She is also great for reducing the power of your opponent’s cards at a location that has been Flooded by Storm, letting you gain an edge over your opponent at no additional cost.

Daredevil is a key tool for this deck. Playing him before turn 5 lets us see our opponent’s plays before we make our own, letting us react accordingly to what our opponent has done. Depending on the situation, we have a plethora of cards we can use to restrict our opponent.

Jeff is a great card in general, and synergizes well with our deck. He can be played at any location that restricts cards from being played there, such as the Sanctum Sanctorum. This lets us play into locations our opponent cannot and potentially secure a location with a single card. Jeff can also be moved to another location, letting us add extra power to a location that may need it. Jeff can also be played into a location flooded by Storm, or into an opponent’s Professor X. Overall, he is a very versatile card.

Spider-Ham lets us weaken a high-cost card of the opponent, removing their effect, which can be game-winning if Spider-Ham hits Doctor Doom or another high-impact card. Wave lets us play our high cost cards much earlier, and limits both players to playing a single card the next turn. This is great against opponents that want to flood locations and empty their hand.

Storm locks a location down by flooding it, meaning that cards can only be played at that location for one more turn before that location becomes inaccessible. This effect is great with Jeff, as well as Thing and Cyclops. Due to High Evolutionary, both these cards become great plays after Storm. Thing reduces the power of one of your opponent’s card at the location he is played, repeating this effect twice more. Cyclops has a similar effect, reducing the power of two cards by 1 power whenever you have unspent energy. These cards can easily win the Flooded location due to their power reducing effects. 

High Evolutionary himself is a card that you rarely want to play, as he provides a measly 4 power for his cost. Spider-Man on the other hand, combos great with Storm, letting you lockdown a location that your opponent has not played at the entire game, or by restricting the amount of space the opponent has to play cards in general.

Finally, Doctor Doom and Hulk serve as game enders that can be played on turn 6, or potentially earlier if you have played Wave. Doctor Doom is great for spreading your power across locations, while Hulk is a great high power card to win a location outright, especially as he gains 2 power for each unspent energy throughout the game.

This was our Marvel Snap High Evolutionary control deck breakdown. We hope this helps you better pilot the deck and understand the role of each individual card. Feel free to experiment with swapping out individual cards and see how that alters the deck and its performance. And, if you want to experiment with more decks, check out our picks for the best destroy decks in Marvel Snap.