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How to Play Marvel Snap with Friends – Marvel Snap Battle Mode

One thing many Marvel Snap players have been looking forward to is the ability to play Marvel Snap with friends. As of the new update on January 31, you can! Luckily, playing with friends is very easy.

How to Play Marvel Snap Battle Mode with Friends

Playing the new Marvel Snap battle mode with friends is a very straightforward process. At the moment, at least, there is no friends list feature in the game. Instead, Snap uses a code system to allow players to link up with their friends.

The first thing you’ll want to do to play Marvel Snap with friends is locate the new joystick on the bottom of your screen. This will be located in the menu where you used to be able to find the battle pass. You can still find your season pass on the main menu by pressing the season pass button on the top left.

After you press the joystick, simply tap the big button that says “Friendly Battle.” It seems there’ll be more additions to this menu in the future, but Friendly Battle will be the one to use no matter what. Once you’re in that menu, tap create to get into a matchmaking screen. Instead of an opponent, though, you’ll see a code. Send this code to your friend, and have them enter it on the join menu. You should now be in a game with your friends in the new battle mode! When you play Marvel Snap with friends, utilize clever use of the Snap mechanic to be the first one to take 10 of your opponent’s “health” instead of cubes.

While there’s still some features that players are hoping for, adding the ability to play Snap with friends is a great addition. Fans are still waiting for a few other features, though. A more player-friendly token shop with cards that are easier to acquire, and a proper unranked mode are just a few of the other features that players are still hoping for. In the meantime, though, enjoy playing the new battle mode with friends!