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Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapons Guide

There’s a vast array of weapons to be discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and with endless possibilities for modification through fusions, the choices for the most effective weapon can be dizzying. Here is a small selection of the best base weapons, the Royal weapons, which you can find in the ruins of Hyrule Castle, early on in Zelda: TOTK.

Dusk Bow: Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapons

Where to find the Dusk Bow, one of the best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom.

Base Damage 30

“A bow that’s been in the royal family for ages. Said to have been used by a princess who fought beasts of twilight. It forcefully fires long-range arrows.”

This bow can be found in a broken spire of Hyrule Castle at -0256, 1051, 0510. You will have to launch yourself out of Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and stay airborne as high up as possible, by popping the Paraglider early in your descent. Ideally you will have a second Stamina Wheel, or a dish that replenishes/overfills your single Stamina Wheel. As you approach the Castle, bear left, and use your scope to get a look at the very tallest spire with a chunk taken out of its left side, inside of which lies the Dusk Bow.

Royal Bow

Base Damage 38

“In the past, the king of Hyrule presented this bow to only the most talented archers in the land. Its combat capabilities are as impressive as its extravagant design.”

From the location of the Dusk Bow above, simply glide your way down one level into the windows for some chests, and then further down some more onto an outer ledge for the Royal Bow lying in plain sight at -0252, 1052, 0420. Climb up and through the windows above into the room for a chest with a Gold Rupee worth 300 rupees.

Royal Guard’s Sword

Base Damage 22

“A prototypical sword for knights. Its metal may not be as durable as others, but the sword yields massive destructive power just before it breaks.”

After collecting the Gold Rupee above, leap out the window and make your way to the entrance of Hyrule Castle and into the Sanctum. From in here, proceed up the stairs to the right of the throne to -0224, 1058, 0356 to find the basic Royal Guard’s Sword.

Best Weapons in TOTK: Royal Guard’s Spear


Base Damage 15

“A prototype spear wielded by knights. It’s made from a special metal with low durability, but which yields massive destructive power just before it breaks.”

As you descend the stairs back to the throne, you will notice a large recessed area above the stairs on the right side. Climb up in there and find the basic Royal Guard’s Spear at -0225, 1088, 0356.

Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapons: Royal Guard’s Bow

Base Damage 50

“This prototype Sheikah-made bow was designed to fight the Great Calamity. Made with ancient technology, it boasts a high rate of fire and firepower but has low durability.”

Back at the throne in the Sanctum, go up the left set of stairs and at its apex climb up the left side instead, next to the large column. Here, on the other side of the debris, is the Royal Guard’s Bow as well as some arrows at -0265, 1082, 0356.

And that’s a near full set of Royal themed weapons and bows that you can wield fairly early on in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For another great weapon, check out our guide on a component for the Scimitar of the Seven: finding the Gerudo Scimitar.

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