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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Scimitar Location Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has one incredible weapon: the Scimitar of the Seven, but one ingredient is a bit tough to find: a Gerudo scimitar. After completing the side quest “The Missing Owner,” you’ll be offered a reward from Isha, which will lead to another side quest, “Pride of the Gerudo.” She offers to craft the arms of the seven for you, including a set of a shield called the Daybreaker and the Scimitar of the Seven.

However, you’ll need to provide some materials for her before she crafts this equipment. Specifically, you’ll need to gather four diamonds, 10 pieces of flint, and a Gerudo scimitar & shield. Here’s where to find one part of that requirement: the Gerudo scimitar.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Where to Find a Gerudo Scimitar

On the hunt for a Gerudo scimitar in TOTK, there are a few places in Hyrule that you can look. The easiest way is by advancing the main quest “Riju of Gerudo Town.” Once you prepare to defend Gerudo Town from the Gibdos invading, one of the weapons available in your preparation arsenal is a Gerudo Scimitar (and a shield, if you still need that!) Simply hold onto this instead of using it, and you’ll be able to utilize it to create a Scimitar of the Seven!

Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Scimitar: Ancient Prison Ruins

If you already used this option, though, there is another location to find this valuable weapon. You can explore the Ancient Prison Ruins, located in the Palu Wasteland by jumping in a quicksand pit at roughly (-3096, -3055, 0015). Instead of the usual death you’re greeted with, you’ll be transported to these ruins.

For the first sword, navigate the halls until you reach the second switch. Look in the room to your left, and you’ll find a Gerudo Scimitar laying on the ground. For the next one, go to the right at the second switch and navigate to the rough coordinates (-3156, -3088, -0047). Ascend in this room, and you’ll be greeted with another Gerudo Scimitar on the ground!

Farm Moldugas to Get a Gerudo Scimitar

How to farm Moldugas for Gerudo scimitars.

If you’ve already exhausted these guaranteed options, though, you can also turn to facing off against Moldugas in Toruma Dunes, where you first saved Isha. You’ll be able to find one of these monsters here after every Blood Moon, so it’s an easy way to farm new scimitars if you break your Scimitar of the Seven. Luckily, these monsters are very simple to beat. 

  1. Get up on a perch off of the sand. Usually there are plenty of rock formations to hide on. 
  2. Throw some material (preferably something you have an abundance of) on the ground to lure the Molduga out of the ground.
  3. Shoot an arrow with some explosive or elemental effect at the monster when it leaps up. Bomb flowers are effective here, as well as a combo with Riju’s ability if you want to save your bombs.
  4. Use a strong weapon to rack up damage while the monster is stunned, then get back on your perch. Repeat the process until the Molduga is defeated.

After they’re defeated, Moldugas will drop one or two chests, each with a chance of containing a Gerudo scimitar or shield.

It’s also worth mentioning that amiibo collectors can get around this whole process: scan your Urbosa amiibo to be greeted with a free set of Gerudo equipment!

That’s all you need to know to find a Gerudo scimitar in Tears of the Kingdom! While you’re in Gerudo Town, you should seek out the stelae locations for “The Heroines’ Secret” quest.

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