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Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug Fix

A quick and easy guide to fixing a game stopping bug related to the Keeper Vault quest in Last Epoch on Steam PC

After five long years in Early Access, Last Epoch has finally released its 1.0 version. However, all isn’t quite perfect with the game just yet, with some holdover bugs from pre-release still alive and well in the game. One of those involves a progress arresting bug where the player cannot speak to the Keeper Guard as required by The Keeper Vault quest. Find you why and how the Keeper Vault bug happens in Last Epoch with this guide.


Keeper Vault Bug Reason

Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug
Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug

The reason the issue occurs is because Keeper Balthas, the old NPC that follows you for awhile, loses you at some point. This could occur if you choose to not continue on the quest’s beaten path by teleporting back to town, for example. When you return, Balthas will no longer be with you, and thus will not trigger an event to which the Keeper Guard can then respond.




Keeper Vault Bug Fix

Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug
Last Epoch Keeper Vault Bug

The bug is easy enough to recover from: simply head back to the entrance of The Keeper Vault, and Keeper Balthas will be there to guide along again. If you still don’t see him, try traversing back and forth between The Fortress Walls and The Keeper Vault, to force him to spawn at the exit/entrance.


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That’s just about everything you can do to fix the Keeper Vault bug in Last Epoch.



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