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GTA V Online April 6 Weekly Update: All Discounts & Events

Want to know what’s in the weekly update for GTA V Online without logging-in and getting locked-on and blown up immediately by an annoying kid riding an Oppressor Mk II? Check out everything you need to know about the update below, including discounts, events, and vehicles for sale.

What Time Does The Weekly Update Begin And Reset In GTA Online?

Here are the localized times for you, but keep in mind that over the span of almost a decade on GTA Online, it’s never happened exactly on time in every single session. Give or take a few minutes, up to a half hour.

Time ZoneBeginsResetsLS Car Meet Series Reset
Hawaii-Aleutian Time [HST] UTC-10Thursday, April 6th 12AMThursday, April 13th 12AMEveryday 2PM
Alaska Daylight Time [AKDT] UTC-8Thursday, April 6th 2AMThursday, April 13th 2AMEveryday 4PM
Pacific Daylight Time [PDT] UTC-7Thursday, April 6th 3AMThursday, April 13th 3AMEveryday 5PM
Mountain Daylight Time [MDT] UTC-6Thursday, April 6th 4AMThursday, April 13th 4AMEveryday 6PM
Central Daylight Time [CDT] UTC-5Thursday, April 6th 5AMThursday, April 13th 5AMEveryday 7PM
Eastern Daylight Time [EDT] UTC-4Thursday, April 6th 6AMThursday, April 13th 6AMEveryday 8PM
Atlantic Daylight Time [ADT] UTC-3Thursday, April 6th 7AMThursday, April 13th 7AMEveryday 8PM
Brasília Summer Time [BRT] UTC-3Thursday, April 6th 7AMThursday, April 13th 7AMEveryday 9PM
Greenwich Mean Time [GMT] UTC+0Thursday, April 6th 10AMThursday, April 13th 10AMEveryday 12AM
Central European Summer Time [CEST] UTC+2Thursday, April 6th 12PMThursday, April 13th 12PMEveryday 2AM
Eastern European Summer Time [EEST] UTC+3Thursday, April 6th 1PMThursday, April 13th 1PMEveryday 3AM
Moscow Standard Time [MSK] UTC+3Thursday, April 6th 1PMThursday, April 13th 1PMEveryday 3AM
Gulf Standard Time [GST] UTC+4Thursday, April 6th 2PMThursday, April 13th 2PMEveryday 4AM
Indian Standard Time [IST] UTC+5.5Thursday, April 6th 3:30PMThursday, April 13th 3:30PMEveryday 5:30AM
China Standard Time [CST] UTC+8Thursday, April 6th 6PMThursday, April 13th 6PMEveryday 8AM
Japan Standard Time [JST] UTC+9Thursday, April 6th 7PMThursday, April 13th 7PMEveryday 9AM
Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST] UTC+10Thursday, April 6th 8PMThursday, April 13th 8PMEveryday 10AM
New Zealand Daylight Time [NZST] UTC+12Thursday, April 6th 10PMThursday, April 13th 10PMEveryday 12PM

What Is The Seasonal Special Event In GTA Online This Week?

Peyote Plants, not seen since the GTA Online Halloween 2022 Special Event, are back in celebration of Easter 2023. In celebration of Easter, each of these plants will now transform you into a rabbit. Check out our guide on these GTA 5 Online Peyote Plant locations!

What Are The 2x GTA$ & RP Events In GTA Online This Week?

The ‘Bunker Series’ which are Adversary Modes set inside the Bunker interior and were added with the Gunrunning Update in 2017.

The 7 Bunker-themed Adversary Mode Jobs are:

  • Bunker – Every Bullet Counts
  • Bunker – Juggernaut
  • Bunker – Kill Quota
  • Bunker – Resurrection
  • Bunker – Slasher
  • Bunker – Till Death Do Us Part
  • Bunker – Trading Places

And the Power Mad Adversary Mode that pits two teams against each other over a Juggernaut powerup.

What Are The 1.5x GTA$ & RP Events In GTA Online This Week?

Bunker Sell Missions where players must stockpile and then offload supplies at their highest possible value, now has its profits bolstered by 50% for this week only. Further enhanced by 50% quicker Stock Production and Research Speed.

What Is Discounted In GTA V Online This Week? (April 6 Weekly Update)

The 11 Bunker Property Locations in GTA V Online are discounted by 30% in this weekly update, and are necessary for performing Gunrunning tasks. Here’s a list of all the discounted prices:

  • Paleto Forest Bunker: $815,000
  • Raton Canyon Bunker: $1,015,000
  • Lago Zancudo Bunker: $1.085,000
  • Chumash Bunker: $1,155,000
  • Grapeseed Bunker: $1,225,000
  • Route 68 Bunker: $1,365,000
  • Grand Senora Oilfields Bunker: $1,424,500
  • Smoke Tree Road Bunker: $1,543,500
  • Thomson Scrapyard Bunker: $1,603,000
  • Farmhouse Bunker: $1,662,500

Bunker Upgrades and Modifications also receive a 30% haircut. With all locations to the north of the city, and no discernible difference between their interiors, the choice really boils down to personal preference, price, and previously purchased player properties.

Also discounted by 30% for just this week only, is the Mobile Operations Center Trailer, lowering the price from $1.22M to $857K, as well as its two Cab Options:

  • The JoBuilt Phantom Custom, dropping from $1.22M to $857K
  • The JoBuilt Hauler Custom, dropping from $1.4M to $980K

The discount also applies to its numerous Upgrades and Modifications.

Three road vehicles are also discounted 30% this week: the Grotti Furia supercar, the Ocelot Ardent sports classic, and the HVY Nightshark off-roader. Find their information in their respective sections below.

What Is Simeon Yetarian Selling At Premium Deluxe Motorsport This Week?

Deluxe Motorsport car in GTA V Online's weekly update.

The Ocelot Virtue supercar, one of twelve vehicles upgradeable with Imani Tech. Test drive or buy outright for a mere $2.98M. Sell for $1.78M, and trade for $2.23M, if the fifth and final mission of Last Dose–”BDKD,” has been completed. Can be had for free by simply completing the First Dose and Last Dose mission sets. This free edition comes with a unique Dr. Friedlander livery, but has no sale value, other than for any upgrades installed of course. Also part of the March-April ‘23 bonuses for GTA+ members, but with a different pair of free liveries: Jackal Racing and Ocelot Racing.

  • The Annis Savestra sports classic, retailing for $990K, and reselling for $594K. Untradeable.
  • The Vapid GB200 sports car going for $940K, and offloading for $564K. Untradeable.
  • The Vapid Dominator GTX muscle car purchasable for $725K, and resellable for $435K. Untradeable.
  • The HVY Nightshark off-roader, currently discounted (30%) to a paltry $871.5K. Sells for 747K, no trades.

What Is Luxury Autos Showroom Selling This Week?

The Grotti Furia supercar discounted (30%) right now for a measly $1.91M, and resells for $1.64M. Trade value of $2.05M is unlocked by completing The Diamond Casino Heist Finale as a leader and utilizing the Furia as the getaway vehicle in the “Big Con: Yung Ancestor” approach.
The Ocelot Stromberg sports classic, one of only two submersible cars in GTA Online, for a massive but worthwhile $3.18M. Resells for $1.91M, and trades for $2.39M by completing The Doomsday Heist Setup Mission “Submarine Recon.”

What Is Legendary Motorsport Selling This Week?

The Annis 300R sports car, for a limited time. Sells for $2.07M, and is one of only a dozen cars that are upgradeable with Imani Tech via the Agency Vehicle Workshop. Resell for $1.24M. Previously only available for purchase from December 13th to December 28th, 2022. Can’t be traded.

GTA V Online Weekly Update: Lucky Wheel Podium Vehicle Of The Week

The lucky wheel podium car in the April 6 GTA V Online weekly update.

The Lampadati Casco, a two-door sports classic, that normally retails for just over $904K at Legendary Motorsport. It has a sale value of $542,640 (60%), and a discount trade value of 680K (75%), but only upon completion of the Prison Break Station Heist mission, as seen above.

What Is The LS Car Meet Series Prize Ride Of The Week?

The Pfister Comet Safari, a two-door off-road capable sports car, normally sold for $710K by Legendary Motorsport, and resellable for $426K. It has no trade value applicable. To win it, simply place in the top three over three consecutive days, in the LS Car Meet Series. The race day resets at midnight UTC (+0).

Test Rides of the Week (GTA V Online April 6 Weekly Update)

The Ocelot Ardent two-door sports classic that runs for a (30%) discounted $805K this week from Warstock Cache & Carry, and can be resold for $690K. No trades!

The Pfister Comet S2 two-door sports car that can be tuned for drifting by setting a Lowered Vehicle Stance and installing Low Grip Tires at the LS Car Meet. Buy for $1.87M, sell for $1.12M, and trade for $1.4M. As a Los Santos Tuner, the discount trade price will be unlocked randomly, whenever 5 Reputation Levels are achieved.

The Vapid Dominator ASP two-door muscle car that can also be tuned for drifting by setting a Lowered Vehicle Stance and installing Low Grip Tires at the LS Car Meet. Listing for $1.77M, it resells for $1.06M, and trades for $1.33M. As a Los Santos Tuner, the discount trade price will be unlocked randomly, whenever 5 Reputation Levels are achieved.

What Is The Next Gen Exclusive Premium Test Ride Of The Week?

The next gen premium test ride discounted in this week's GTA V Online weekly update (April 6).

The Imponte Arbiter GT, a muscle car eligible for Hao’s Special Works performance upgrades that are exclusive to Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Standard rate is $1.58M at Southern San Andreas Super Autos, with the HSW conversion kit running an additional $375K. Resale value is $948K, no trades.

What Is The Hao’s Special Works Time Trial Of The Week?

Pacific Bluffs is this week’s time trial for Hao’s Special Works. Par Times for vehicle Classes are as follows:

  • Class A: 3:31.000
  • Class B: 3:46:000
  • Class C: 3:59:000

As with all Hao’s Special Works content, this premium time trial is exclusive to the next generation consoles: Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

That’s everything in the update for this week. Happy homing-in on every Oppressor Mk II you see!