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GTA Online The Last Dose Guide: How to Start The Last Dose

In an update for GTA Online, there has been an addition of content that will pique the interest of game players as they go through the process of playing the game. In GTA Online, there are five new Last Dose missions for players to complete the Los Santos Drug Wars storyline. Los Santos Drug Wars was split into two parts.

The content first dropped in December 2022 when fans got the first part known as, “The First Dose”, then it was followed by six missions that accompanied it to complete the game. Then, now in March, there is the second half of the new DLC, GTA Online‘s “The Last Dose”.

How to Start GTA Online The Last Dose Missions

To start The Last Dose, you must have completed the First Dose missions. So, if you are a new player who is yet to get into them, then it’s expected to visit Dax at the Freakshop, to begin with, the game. After all this is done, then you start the missions:

  • Last Dose Mission One – This is an Intervention
  • Last Dose Mission Two – Unusual Suspects
  • Last Dose Mission Three – FriedMind
  • Last Dose Mission Four – Checking In
  • Last Dose Mission Five– BDKD

In the game, there is a commonly known problem for players which includes the inability to receive calls from Dax or some general unresponsiveness, especially when moving to the first mission marker. If you face this problem, it’s ideal to switch to a new session or in some cases, reload the game and then hold on for a bit to wait for a call to arrive to start the new missions.

In conclusion, to start The Last Dose, complete all the available First Dose missions, then get a car and start driving around Los Santos. In the process, accept the call from Dax when it arrives and finally, meet up with Dax to start the Last Dose missions.

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