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GTA Online Best Business Guide: The Best Businesses in 2023

Ultimately, all GTA Online players have one goal: get rich quick. One of the best ways to do this is by owning businesses. However, with so many options, it’s tough to know which are the best to own that will lead to success. Here are the best GTA Online businesses to own, as of 2023.

Best GTA Online Businesses: Arcade

The Arcade, one of the best GTA Online businesses.

Starting off, the Arcade is one of the most profitable businesses in GTA Online. The Arcade will net you some nice pocket money each day, but the real reason to go this route is the opportunity created for Heists. With a purchase of the Arcade, you will grant yourself the ability to take on one of the highest-paying Heists in the entire game, The Diamond Casino Heist.

This Heist by itself at the maximum difficulty will payout at $3,619,000. That’s a lot of money that can’t be obtained without the Arcade. With a setup like this, you can also earn tens of thousands of dollars each day without having to interact with the Arcade at all.


The Bunker is another great business option for those looking to earn lots of cash. This business has an interesting way of working. First, you must order supplies off of the laptop inside and direct your staff to either research or build weapons. There are lots of upgrades you can purchase to add more staff and speed up operations, which will turn into a higher payout for you when selling weapons.

When deciding to fully upgrade the Bunker, you can make your earnings from each sale skyrocket. Depending on what you’re manufacturing and how upgraded your Bunker is, earnings from a weapons sale can reach well above 500,000.

Counterfeit Cash – Best GTA Online Business (2023)

The Counterfeit Cash business was first introduced as a part of the Motorcycle Club update back in 2016. To get this business running, you will need to register as an MC President. The initial setup for Counterfeit Cash isn’t too expensive, with the standard $75,000 seen across most businesses still being in play here.

The payout for this business are pretty good too. While it is recommended that you do indeed invest and upgrade your business, you can still earn over $200,000 with the starting equipment. After maxing out everything, that number is almost $300,000. Counterfeit Cash is a great way to earn some quick and quality money, especially if you couple if with one of the other smaller businesses.

Cocaine Lockup

One of the best GTA Online Businesses, the Cocaine Lockup.

Just like Counterfeit Cash, this business will also require you to be the President of a Motorcycle Club. This will be a hefty investment to start, but you should be earning your money back quickly. The cheapest option for a Cocaine Lockup starts just under $1,000,000, which can take quite a bit of time to earn if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The payouts for the Cocaine Lockup are extremely good. Starting with just a base facility and no upgrades, you’re looking at potentially $300,000 starting. By working your way up to a max facility, you can rake in up to $420,000 just by operating this business. Setup is not expensive, and it runs by itself for the most part. We highly recommend the Cocaine Lockup.

GTA Online’s Best Businesses in 2023: Meth Lab

The final business requiring you to be President of an MC is the Meth Lab. The Meth Lab, like the Cocaine Lockup, is not going to be cheap, but it has quite a nice payout. Supplies will cost you a standard $75,000, while the location itself will run you about $1,000,000.

You’ll be looking at a range of $170,000 to $350,000, depending on how many upgrades your Meth Lab has. We recommend investing in upgrades and maxing each business out, as you will earn the most amount of money this way in GTA Online.


Down to the most expensive business on our list, we have the GTA Online Nightclub. This business has the most opportunity, but that doesn’t come cheap. For starters, you’ll be looking at $1,000,000 for the most basic nightclub, with a cap of around $1,800,000 for nicer buildings. There are a plethora of upgrades to choose, from security to a full fledged parking garage. Each of these has its perks and some will benefit you more than others.

The Nightclub operates as the best source of passive income in GTA Online, as you do not have to do anything to reap its benefits once it is set up. Players will have to have millions on hand to get the best use out of it, however, once investing the money the cash will immediately start to flow in. You can earn well over $10,000 each hour, which makes this one of the fastest earning businesses in the game