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GTA Online Failed to Host GTA Online Session Error: How to Fix

If you’re an active player of GTA Online, chances are that you have at some point ran into an error stating the game “failed to host GTA Online session”. This can be extremely annoying when you’re looking to load into an online session, as it prohibits you from creating one you can join up with your friends in.

While this error is pretty common, there are multiple steps you can take to prevent it or fix it. We’ve outlined all the measures you can take below, so let’s dive in!

Failed to Host GTA Online Session Error: What it is & How to Fix it

How to fix the Failed to Host GTA Online Session Error.

First, it is important to ensure that you have a stable connection to the internet, especially if you are utilizing a wireless connection. Check the signal strength on your computer and ensure it is strong, which means it is at three bars. If not, you will need to take some steps to check this out.

First, we’d advise you to restart your computer or console to see if this fixes the issue. Sometimes, there is something running in the background that can prevent you from establishing a proper connection to GTA Online. If you have a wired connection, try unplugging and replugging in your ethernet cable.

If this does not work, your next measure would be to unplug your router and restart it. While this process might take some time, generally a lot of issues can be resolved by restarting your network. You can either unplug the router for 15 seconds or press and hold the designated restart button.

If none of the options above fix the failed to host GTA Online session error, you might need to check and see if the servers are down. This information can be found here. You’ll need to check the Grand Theft Auto Online section, where you’ll see an indicator light next to the PC platform. If it is anything but green, you might be unable to connect due to the Rockstar servers.

Finally, if you’ve continuously tried everything and you still cannot connect, your last resort option would be to contact the support team for GTA Online. This is located through the Rockstar Games Support Panel, who will assist you with your errors and email you a response.