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GTA Online Taxi Custom Guide: How to Unlock Taxi Custom

With the recent weekly update, GTA Online received the highly anticipated Downtown Cab. Co Taxi Missions. Completing these missions allows players to unlock special Taxi variants, including Taxi custom, a rare vehicle to add to your car’s collection. So whether you’re new to GTA Online or a seasoned player, here’s what you need to do in order to unlock the Taxi Custom in GTA Online.

What is Taxi Custom?

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Taxi Custom is a custom variant of the standard Taxi vehicle, which can be further customized with various paint jobs, wheels, and other upgrades. The Taxi Custom is an attractive option for players looking for a more unique and stylish taxi cab, as it features a sportier design and improved performance compared to the standard Taxi. It is a two-door vehicle that can seat up to four people and is generally considered a good vehicle for street racing and other high-speed activities in the game.

How To Unlock the Taxi Custom in GTA Online

The only way to unlock the Taxi Custom vehicle in GTA Online as of writing is by completing ten or more Taxi rides in a row and reaching the 25th Sponsorship Tier in Arena War. While completing ten rides isn’t tricky, achieving the 25th Sponsorship Tier in Arena War can be challenging as it involves participating in various dangerous and destructive vehicle-based events.

These events occur in the Maze Bank Arena, a state-of-the-art stadium in the heart of Los Santos. Overall, GTA Online’s Arena War is a thrilling and action-packed game mode that offers players a chance to experience the full range of vehicular mayhem that Grand Theft Auto Online has to offer.

Once you’ve unlocked Taxi Custom, you can request the vehicle by calling Pegasus Lifestyle Management and paying a $200 fee.

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