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Genshin Impact Switch Release: Is it Coming to Nintendo eShop?

Genshin Impact owes a slice of its modest multi-billion dollar success to the Nintendo Switch, as the game took heavy inspiration from Nintendo’s universally acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’d be a shame if an apprentice of Genshin Impact’s caliber doesn’t get to shelf itself alongside the ingenuity it draws from. 

Luckily, a Switch port is in the works for Genshin Impact. But as the third anniversary of the game approaches, we’ve so far had not even a single hint of the only announced Switch version of Genshin Impact. So where is it, and when is it coming, if ever?

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch First Announcement

First announced in a trailer back in January 2020—that’s before the game was even released—the developers confirmed that the game is going to be made available on Nintendo Switch. The game then went on to release for PlayStation 4 & 5, PC, and both Android and iOS. 

The developers, HoYoverse, even released another similar-ish gacha game, Honkai: Star Rail, which is available for PC and mobile. Surprisingly, Honkai’s PS5 release has a more definite date of Q4 2023, despite being announced much later than a Switch release for Genshin Impact

Ever since the initial trailer announcement, we haven’t had much intel nor leaks, or even a look at how Genshin Impact will square up with Nintendo’s 2017 handheld. Some even speculated that it’ll eventually land on the rumored next-gen Switch version that nobody is certain of.  

Is the Switch Version Cancelled? 

As uncertainty continued to harvest among the community, desperate for any sort of information, developers on multiple occasions confirmed it wasn’t canceled. In a statement provided by the developers to GoNintendo, they said, “The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along.”

The developers have since always maintained the stance that the port is under development and more details will be shared when they’re gearing up for a release. 

When is Genshin Impact releasing on Nintendo Switch?

Someday. Although we’re not quite sure when. One thing we can guarantee, the game is not available on Switch as of June 22, 2023. We just checked. 

It could be just randomly announced tomorrow, or in the next developer live stream, or even an upcoming Nintendo Direct, but we will be sure to update you whenever it is. The optimism is that it could release around the game’s third anniversary, which is in September 2023.

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