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Forspoken Spellcrafting Guide: How to Enhance & Upgrade Spells

To survive in the world of Forspoken, you will need to not only master the use of your spells, but also enhance & upgrade them using spellcrafting. Forspoken is the latest release from Luminous Productions, starring the sarcastic Alfre ‘Frey’ Holland. Armed with a talking vambrace and magical powers, she is set loose in a foreign open world to protect the defenseless and find a way back home to New York.

As you shoot, dodge, and parkour through the wide open landscapes, you’ll find numerous side activities that reward you with gear, materials for upgrades, stat boosts and more. Of course, they don’t come easy, and you’ll have to defeat hordes of ‘broken’ to claim your prizes, making you tougher and stronger. If those rewards aren’t enough to even the playing field against the impending armies of enemies and mutants, you have another card up your sleeve: spellcrafting.

How to Unlock Spellcrafting in Forspoken

How to upgrade spells in Forspoken using spellcrafting.

Spellcrafting is unlocked fairly early into the story. Without spoilers, you’ll have to play through the story until you return to Cipal. After some dramatic events, you’ll be able to enter the archives where you’ll meet Johedy.

 One conversation later and you’ll find a fancy looking bookcase; interact with it to unlock the spellcrafting feature. From this point forward you can find this bookcase in any of the refuges in the world, so you can always pop in to take care of your spellcrafting needs.

What is Spellcrafting?

Spellcrafting is much simpler than it sounds. Put simply, spellcrafting is a system of challenges – one per spell or ability in your skill tree. You’ll want to accept as many as possible (three at a time) and focus on completing them while you’re out clearing other optional areas. They can range from simple goals like “Defeat 3 flying enemies” to more thoughtful tasks like “Hit enemies from behind 15 times.” Either way, most of them shouldn’t require too much effort if you can remain focused on them, at which point you’ll receive your reward! If you’re having trouble gaining progress on a challenge, it’s important to note that you are meant to use the ability that the challenge corresponds to, even if the text doesn’t explicitly tell you to use a specific ability, as in “Defeat 3 flying enemies.”

Spellcrafting Rewards – Forspoken Spellcrafting Guide

All rewards you can get for Forspoken spellcrafting.

The reason you should focus on spellcrafting as soon as possible is because of the rewards you gain. Each time you complete a spellcrafting challenge, you’ll need to enter the Magic menu and redeem the completed challenge to receive a boost to all of your magic in that skill tree. Additionally, you’ll receive a reward based on what the spell or ability actually is. Traversal abilities will grant stamina regeneration, while attack spells or support spells will grant increased damage, effectiveness, or duration. If you’re able to complete every spellcrafting challenge in the tree, your magic power will be much stronger. As you can see, it’s definitely worth going out of your way to complete these, especially if you’re having trouble with enemies.

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