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Diablo 4 Server Slam World Boss Guide: Ashava Spawn Times

Blizzard is whetting our appetites for Diablo 4 one last time before its official launch on the 6th of June 2023, with a “Server Slam” beta, including a rematch with the world boss, Ashava. New rewards are also available for participating. This guide outlines event spawn times, and strategies to beat her every single time.

Diablo 4 Server Slam Beta – What Is A World Boss Event?

The World Boss Ashava event is an optional quest in Diablo 4 with a fixed location and window for beginning and completing, that tasks you with slaying the monstrous Ashava, the Pestilent. Attaining the Server Slam Beta’s lowered level cap of 20 first, would be ideal but not mandatory. A group of up to 12 players total, of any level can band together to take her down. Couch co-op, online co-op, and shard (session/instance/zone) randoms in the arena can all combine forces to slay her, and lay claim to the sizable loot drop.

What Time Does The Diablo 4 Server Slam World Boss Event Begin?

The World Boss Ashava Event will run nine times during the Server Slam Beta. Each spawn will last for fifteen minutes.

Consult each of the official Twitter accounts for updates in the event of any delays in Ashava spawning:

Here are the localized times for major regions:

Pacific Daylight Time [PDT] UTC-7

  • Saturday, May 13th 9AM | 12PM | 3PM | 6PM | 9PM
  • Sunday, May 14th 12AM | 3 AM | 6AM | 9AM

Mountain Daylight Time [MDT] UTC-6

  • Saturday, May 13th 10AM | 1PM | 4PM | 7PM | 10PM
  • Sunday, May 14th 1AM | 4AM | 7AM | 10AM

Central Daylight Time [CDT] UTC-5

  • Saturday, May 13th 11AM | 2PM | 5PM | 8PM | 11PM
  • Sunday, May 14th 2AM | 5AM | 8AM | 11AM

Eastern Daylight Time [EDT] UTC-4

  • Saturday, May 13th 12PM | 3PM | 6PM | 9PM
  • Sunday, May 14th 12AM | 3 AM | 6AM | 9AM | 12PM

Greenwich Mean Time [GMT] UTC+0

  • Saturday, May 13th 4PM | 7PM | 10PM
  • Sunday, May 14th 1AM | 4AM | 7AM | 10AM | 1PM | 4PM

China Standard Time [CST] UTC+8

  • Sunday, May 14th 12AM | 3 AM | 6AM | 9AM | 12PM | 3PM | 6PM | 9PM
  • Monday, May 15th 12AM

Japan Standard Time [JST] UTC+9

  • Sunday, May 14th 1AM | 4AM | 7AM | 10AM | 1PM | 4PM | 7PM | 10PM
  • Monday, May 15th 1AM

Where Is World Boss Ashava Location (Diablo 4 Server Slam)

Ashava will be located in the same place as prior encounters with her: The Crucible area in the Region of Fractured Peaks, far east of the settlement town of Kyovashad, close to the eastern shoreline of the continent. Once in-game, a map icon and countdown timer will appear 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the event. Potential rewards will also be displayed, specifically the Weekly Bonus Spoils, if applicable. Map location marked with a red hexagon in the image above.

How To Beat Ashava – Diablo 4 Server Slam

Every single attack can be evaded merely by staying behind and between her hind legs as much as possible. For melee fighters, this is the Plow Back’s only safezone. Even the Sweep attack’s damage is confined to the middle and outer edges of the circle. When she leaps away, close the gap as quickly as you can. Be mindful of her rapidly stepping back into you and immediately pounding the ground, i.e. the Ground Pound, which happens on occasion. For more details on how to beat the world boss, check out our Ashava guide from the previous beta for more info.

Are There New Rewards For Beating Ashava?

Yes, there are! Once Ashava is downed, specifically with a Level 20 character, players will earn the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy, which is the horn pictured above. All beta rewards will transfer over to the final game when it eventually releases.

Is There Co-Op In The Diablo 4 Server Slam World Boss Event?

Yes, as many as 12 players can challenge Ashava in The Crucible concurrently. Once both friends and strangers are assembled at the spawn location, and the timer hits zero, the battle begins. Soloing is not recommended, and does not appear to even be possible given the open world, drop in drop out design of Diablo 4 that forces players into shared shards. Leveraging and exploiting a Strict NAT might be possible, but there have not been any glitched solo lobby reports so far.

Ashava’s power scales to the number of players in the arena, regardless of their individual level. This also means that under-leveled allies can be a burden rather than a blessing, buffing her damage output, while failing to mete out significant damage themselves.

Couch Co-op

All consoles supporting couch co-op will allow one additional player to join in onscreen. The second player will simply have to establish a link between their account and console account, if not already existing in Blizzard’s ecosystem. After that, just hop in by invitation of player one. The interface has been designed to accommodate the interfaces of both players being on screen simultaneously, as seen above. Bonus XP is granted for not being solo: 5% while near random players, and 10% near explicit party members. Couch co-op can be combined with online co-op to increase party size to a total stack of four players.

Online Co-op

This mode allows for up to four players to party up remotely in a single shard. On top of that, region-locking is absent in Diablo 4, and crossplay between all platforms is now possible, providing the opportunity for some really diverse team-ups, across territories and hardware. Bonus XP rates are the same: 5% from non-party members and up to 10% from proximity to sworn allies.