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Diablo 4 Malignant Heart Guide: How to Farm Malignant Hearts

Malignant Hearts have renewed utility in Diablo 4 Season 2 aka the Season of the Malignant. If you’d like some tips to farm them quickly and efficiently in this latest season, read our Diablo IV guide below to learn how.

What Are Malignant Hearts In Diablo 4 Season 2?

Malignant Hearts are one of four Malignant Body Parts required to summon the Echo of Varshan boss in World Tier 4. While the other body parts will drop on World Tier 3, the Malignant Hearts themselves are exclusive to World Tier 4. While you gather these parts, it may be helpful to know how to level up faster so you can be prepared to fight the Echo of Varshan.

Malignant Elites In D4

Killing Grotesque Debtors will randomly drop Malignant Body Parts, while performing Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers. Any event that will gain you Grim Favors can potentially spawn up to three of these malignant elites to drop malignant parts. Be sure to linger in the area for a few seconds after the event ends so as not to miss out on their spawn. Glance at your mini-map and if you notice an icon flashing near you, that is an indicator of an inbound elite spawn. Note that each player in the vicinity of the PvE events has a chance to spawn these malignant elites, making co-op a viable farming strategy to boost your Grotesque Debtor spawn chances.

World Boss and Legion Events are your best bet to spawn Grotesque Debtors, but they have been seen in Helltides as well. Clusters of Blood Harvest events are easy to complete, and their proximity to each other will let you fill your Grim Favors bar quickly. PvP events are also a source for both Grim Favors and Grotesque Debtors but your patience with other players may wear thin.

If you miss a Malignant Body Part drop on the ground, don’t fret–you’ll find them safely tucked away in your Stash under missed equipment.

The Tree of Whispers And Grim Favors: How to Get Malignant Hearts

Turning in ten Grim Favors at The Tree of Whispers will net you a guaranteed Malignant Body Part in the cache as well. Besides the aforementioned events, Whisper Dungeons are a great way to quickly and reliably acquire five Grim Favors, thus filling half the bar towards your next cache claim. Ultimately, the Heart drops themselves are heavily RNG-based.

While Malignant Hearts can be used as a crafting material at the Alchemist to produce the remaining Malignant Body Parts in case of a deficit of a specific part, it is not recommended you do so, considering just how severe the drop rate for Malignant Hearts can be at this time.

Swap Characters to Get Extra Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts

The Tree of Whispers events are character-bound, not account-bound, so if you have one or more leveled alts available, you can attempt more malignant material farming runs with them while waiting on the timers to reset.

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