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Diablo 4 XP Gain Guide: How to Level Faster in Diablo IV

Knowing how to level up faster in Diablo 4 is an invaluable skill. The game has a level cap of 100 and can take as much as 150+ hours for the average player to reach. This Diablo 4 guide will help you elevate yourself above that average, so that you can get there just a little bit quicker.

Raise The World Tier to Level Up Faster in Diablo 4

The very first thing you can do to gain an XP boost is to switch to World Tier 2 (Veteran). If you’ve progressed beyond a certain point in the game, then remaining on World Tier 1 (Adventurer) is actually slowing down your progression by a lot, 20% to be exact. While you could switch to Veteran right at the beginning, the early game can be quite difficult on Veteran difficulty with no Skills unlocked and terrible gear.

As your character grows, you should be able to handle the increase in challenge. Exactly when that turning point is, is for you to determine, based on class and skills selected, and your own skill. Since Diablo 4 is so flexible about switching between World Tiers both in-game and in the main menu, you can try experimenting in-session itself, to see whether you can cut it.

How To Change World Tier

On the character select screen, you can switch between World Tiers 1 and 2, both while initially creating the character, and also subsequently when loading into the game. In-game, you can also switch difficulty by visiting a World Tier Statue located in several Settlements with Waypoints. The one in Kyovashad is located within the city limits northeast of the Kyovashad Waypoint. In addition to the 20% bonus to XP, you will also gain a 15% bonus to Gold.

Party Up to Level Up Faster

Even if you went into Diablo 4 wanting to fly solo, being social is important to level up faster. The XP bonus is 5% from random players in your vicinity but these interactions can only occur in the open world during Events and the like. For closed-instance activities, you will need to party up properly, with a 10% bonus to XP being your incentive.

If none of your friends are available, or if you just don’t have any, try making some new ones via the Social tab in the Menu. The middle tab is for listing Local Players in your vicinity, whom you can invite to your party.

How to Level Up Faster in Diablo 4: XP Bonus Elixirs

Once you reach Level 5, you can access the Alchemist in order to craft the first of two different Elixirs that offer timed Experience bonuses. The other unlocks at Level 10.

  • Weak Iron Barb Elixir (Level 5)
    • Increases Armor by 50, Thorns by 25, and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
    • 5x Gallowvine
    • 5x Biteberry
    • 1,000 Gold

To level up faster in Diablo 4, consider using elixirs like the Third Eye Elixir.

  • Weak Third Eye Elixir (Level 10)

    • Increases Dodge by 4% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
    • 8x Gallowvine
    • 5x Howler Moss
    • 1,000 Gold

There is no fundamental difference between the two as far as the XP bonus is concerned, and even the resources required to concoct the potions are readily available across Sanctuary. Therefore, you should base your choice around the other bonuses that may come in handy to your chosen class during combat.

Farming XP

While XP farming locations are being patched left and right, there are some basic strategies that will likely always work.

Run a Dungeon with a party, killing any and all elites, but avoiding completion. Have only the party leader leave the group, forcing them to exit the Dungeon. Once outside, they can enter again, and the Dungeon should be a new shard/instance and fully repopulated. The rest of the party can now be invited back in as well. The same thing can be done solo, but requires up to two and a half minutes to force a shard refresh, after exiting the dungeon and remaining outside.

Dungeons with large numbers of enemies that can be kited and corralled into a small area before being slaughtered with area of effect attacks are the most ideal locations for fast XP boosting. The most current XP farm is the Stronghold of Kor Dragan, located north of Kyovashad and northeast of the nearest Waygate at Menestad. This location is packed with Vampire Bats, Ghouls, and Revenants.

Simply corral as many of them as you can, deploy your AoE skills, and watch your XP bar fill up. Once the crowd has been majorly thinned out but not completely annihilated, open the menu and Leave Game. Back at the main menu, Start Game again, and you should spawn right outside the now fully repopulated Stronghold for another round. Always leave some stragglers alive, specifically the Revenants.

That’s your most current guide to level up faster in Diablo 4! Check out the best early skills in Diablo 4 for the best skills to use your newfound XP gains on.