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Destiny 2: Lightfall Neomuna Action Figure Locations Guide

The Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion is here and with it comes a new world to explore with plenty of secrets to uncover. This includes new collectibles in the form of action figures. There are a total of 9 of these to find throughout Neomuna. So are all of the Neomuna action figure locations in Destiny 2 Lightfall!

NOTE: As of the writing of this article, only two action figures can be found with more to be released throughout the Season of Defiance. This article will be updated as more Neomuna action figure locations become available.

Neomuna Action Figure #1

This first action figure can be found in the main building of Ahisma Park.

Make your way down to the bottom floor of the building and look for a Pouka mural next to a short staircase.

Jump through the gap under the staircase to find this action figure on some rocks.

Neomuna Action Figure #2

First, you’ll need to complete the Lightfall campaign on any difficulty to unlock access to this area. Once you have done that head to the Esi Terminal on the west end of Zephyr Concourse.

Continue down the linear path until you make it back outside. Turn left and head through the now open door near the mural of an eyeball.

Continue through this linear room until you are outside again. Then jump down the balconies to reach a portal back to the Irkalla Complex, where the Lightfall campaign ended.

Move forward through the hole in the wall and use the boxes to your immediate left to jump to the top of the wall, where you will find three cannons.

With a long range weapon, preferably a Sniper Rifle, jump to the end of the first cannon and look to the distance in the direction it is pointing to find a diamond to shoot. Do this on each of the three cannons.

After shooting the third diamond, the action figure will spawn in front of you on the final cannon.

Neomuna Action Figure #3

Head to Maya’s Retreat to the east of Liming Harbor.

Follow the path forward through Maya’s Retreat and into the large cave near the end. In the back left corner you will find a brazier to light. Interact with it to do so.

Now, return out of the cave and jump along the wall to the right, making sure to not travel out of the map limits. You should notice a platform down to the right.

Jump down and head into the cave here to find another brazier to light.

Finally, exit this cave and continue further to the right. You’ll need to jump over a large chasm, using a long jump or the new Strand subclass.

Head into this cave, light the final brazier, and collect your action figure from under it.

Neomuna Action Figure #4

For this action figure, head to the southeast corner of Zephyr Concourse.

There is a bar here with an interactable tablet behind the counter. Jump behind and activate it.

Now, patrons (angry Cabal) will begin to spawn in. You need to stay behind the counter and fend them off. If they get too close, or you come out from behind the counter the event will fail. You’ll need to activate the tablet again to retry.

Once they are all defeated, the action figure will spawn next to the tablet behind the counter.

Where to Place The Neomuna Action Figures

Each action figure can be placed in the yellow building to the right of Nimbus in Strider’s Gate. Once you are close enough, markers will appear for each specific spot to place them. So place them down and admire your collection!

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