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Call of Duty Warzone 2 Airport Tower Guide: Enter Without a Key

If you’ve played Call of Duty Warzone 2 recently, then you might be aware of the crazy glitch that allows you to enter the airport tower without the blacksite key. If you haven’t attempted it yourself, you’ve surely at least seen others do so. We’ve got you covered with all the steps on how to enter and exit the airport tower in Call of Duty Warzone 2!

How to Enter the Airport Tower

How to enter the Airport Tower in Warzone 2.

To enter the airport tower, you will have to get lucky and properly land on a very specific ledge. After landing here, you’ll need to crouch walk over to the left, and once doing so you will be able to enter the tower. This can take multiple times to get as the ledge it quite tricky, but once understanding the landing spot you should be able to do this each round with ease.

With this spot becoming more and more known, do be aware that it is sort of a race to enter the tower. If you make it in first, you might have to defend yourself with a pistol as others try to enter as well.

What to Do Inside the Airport Tower

Once you enter the tower, go ahead and loot it all! There is at least always $30,000 in cash available here, which means you can easily afford a loadout, regardless of what mode you are playing. One of the boxes to open up is generally upstairs, while the other one can be found on the lower floors. This area is quite large, so be sure to check each room and gather all the resources you can carry.

Once you are able to exit the tower, keep in mind that there is a buy station right next to the tower at all times. So, you should be able to head straight over there and purchase a UAV and a loadout drop with the thousands of dollars in your inventory.

How to Get Out of the Airport Tower – Warzone 2

This is the trickiest part of them all. To exit the airport tower, you must return back to the control room at the very top. Here, you’ll want to look over to the right of where you entered and locate a chair turned facing the wall. Once you locate the chair, you need to head over to it and jump on top of it.

After landing on top of the chair, you will want to sprint and spam jump against the wall directly in front of you. It’s partly luck and partly skill, but once you get the motion down you will glitch up onto the ledge and be able to exit the tower. You’ll need to crouch and head slightly to the left to leave, but only do this if you have looted the entire tower beforehand.

It’s best to practice this before attempting to run this drop with storm close by, as the jump to get out can be really tricky. It’s not too hard to land inside, but getting out can be the death of plenty of players. Additionally, sometimes those who didn’t land inside will camp around the tower or on top of the roof, making it hard to escape with your life.

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