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CoD Modern Warfare 2 Raid Guide: Atomgrad Ep 02 Walkthrough

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has released its next Raid, Atomgrad EP. 02. Players will need to work together to complete the objectives, solve puzzles, and survive the onslaught of enemies to finish this Raid. Here is our Atomgrad EP 02 Raid guide to help you complete this raid in COD Modern Warfare 2.

If you need help getting started, be sure to check out our general raid guide to find out how to start raids in MW2!

Atomgrad EP 02 Raid Guide: Navigating the Silo

Right after the opening cutscene, you will spawn into the exact place where EP 01 of the Atomgrad Raid ended. You’ll need to head over to the ladder and climb upwards to the top of the silo. After reaching the top, jump over to the platform on your left and jump to hand off the ledge of the three platforms above your head. Once you’re up, proceed forwards with your weapons ready.

After recouping, you’ll need to proceed through the labyrinth of hallways that lie ahead. Be warned: enemies lurk throughout this area, so you’ll need to ensure your party is prepared and takes out each of the enemies lurking around. For this reason, it’s best that you fully explore each of the hallways and kill all of the enemies. If you choose not to, they can sneak up on you from behind in the next area of the raid.

To find the way out, look for the red arrows spray painted on the walls. These will generally lead you to where you need to go. At the end of the area, you will encounter a wall of pipes exhausting steam. This will slow you down, so make a break for it and burst forwards right after the pipes stop emitting anything.

Atomgrad EP 02 Raid Guide: How to Solve the Steam Puzzle

Once you reach the next floor, you will see a puzzle awaiting you. Before you can do anything, however, you’ll need to take down a Juggernaut. He will spawn in right next to the hallway you came out of along with other troops, so be sure to take him down to earn yourself a minigun! You’ll need to head over to the ladder and climb upwards to the top of the silo. When climbing, however, you will see that there is steam blocking your path upwards. In order to navigate past this, one player must stay behind to turn the valve just to the left of the ladder and platforms.

Once the steam is redirected, the player will need to jump from the ladder to the platforms and navigate to the left. Before they reach the top though, the valve must be turned again to redirect the steam once more. This will allow the player climbing to reach the very top and proceed onwards. Be sure to jump appropriately, as it is quite easy to miss the platform and fall off the edge of the floor entirely.

So, to recap:

  • Player 1 must climb the ladder to the top and wait for Player 2 to turn the valve at the bottom.
  • Once the valve is turned, P1 jumps over to the platforms and continues upwards.
  • Player 2 turns valve again to redirect the steam that blocks the final platform.
  • Player 1 navigates to the top platform and is finished.

This process will be repeated with Player 2 and 3, however, things will change once only one player remains at the bottom of the ladder. At this moment, Player 3 must follow the same steps as P1 and P2, except one of the players at the top will turn the valve at the final platform. This acts the same as the valve from below, but instead it will allow your final party member to move upwards and join the other two members.

Once everyone is up, crawl under the platform in front of you and squat to enter the circular opening past that. Proceeding through here, you will eventually drop into another level. Drop down and hang a right through the open door. Following the set of stairs, you will encounter the next puzzle! Before doing anything though, be sure to attack and kill the enemies that will be shooting at you across the long hallway.

How to Navigate the Vent Puzzle

How to solve the vent puzzle - Atomgrad EP 02 raid guide.

Upon entering this room, you will encounter a control panel. To operate it, all members of your team must press one button each at the same time. There are three buttons in total, each laid out next to each other. Upon activating this, the closest vent on the left will pop open, followed by three more behind it. You will need to navigate across the vents, only one person on one vent at a time. If you have more than one person on any vent at any given time, the vent will close, and you will fall to your death.

After you navigate this first vent section, rappel upwards to the next section, which (surprise) contains a similar vent puzzle. The difference here is that the vents open differently and you must navigate through the across the corridor. After reaching the last vent on the left, jump to the right where the yellow pipe begins and you will be met with an open vent. After landing on this and jumping onto the yellow pipe, run to the top of the pipe and proceed throughout the rest of the vent obstacle course.

Once reaching the end of the vents, rendezvous with all of your team members at the blue door. From here, you’ll head into a room and jump down into a new tunnel to proceed further into the Silo. Be careful as you navigate this section though, as there are enemies awaiting you.

Along the way, you will encounter a room that serves as an armory. Here, there are ammo restocks, armor restocks, dozens of weapons, and plenty of molotovs and grenades. Use this as a chance to refuel and fill up your armor and ammo reserves. Additionally, why not grab a shotgun lying on the ground or a punching SMG hanging on the wall? Pick a weapon that suits you best if your current loadout isn’t cutting it.

The next room can be quite tricky, so enter as a unit and be prepared to take out the dozens of enemies awaiting you. After you enter and clear the first floor, use the paracord to ascend to the next platform.

Immediately after rising up, take cover behind a wall or pallet to eliminate the enemies that rain fire from above. These enemies can easily kill you if you aren’t being careful. When you’ve got the enemies taken care of, look for the ramp that has the red arrow on it and run along it to jump onto the above platform. Vault upwards a few times and get to the next floor.

Immediately upon arriving to this floor, there will be enemies shooting at you. You probably missed these earlier, so do take them down so they will not halt you from progressing. Whatever you do though, do not ascend upwards on the rope. There is a fire from above that will instantly fry you if you don’t take care of it first.

How to Put Out the Pipe Fire

How to put out the pipe fire in Atomgrad EP 02.

To get the fire put out and start ascending, one of your party members needs to head to the right of the floor entrance. Here, you will find a valve similar to the ones found earlier in the mission.

This valve unfortunately does not permanently stop the fire, so you’ll need to time it perfectly with your ascent. With player 1 there to turn the valve, P2 and P3 are now able to ascend. The following steps are all you need to solve this puzzle:

  • Have Player 1 sit at the valve and Player 2 (or Player 3) underneath the cord ready to ascend.
  • P1 should turn out the valve and signal for P2 or P3 (whoever is ascending) to immediately press ascend.
  • Repeat for the remaining player (P2 or P3).
  • Once both players not at the valve are up, P1 needs to head to position themselves ready to ascend. There is a corresponding valve to stop the flames at the higher floor where P2 & P3 are.
  • One of the players above should turn the valve and signal for P1 to ascend.

It should be noted that the players ascending first must be ready to fight when above, as there are plenty of enemies ready to fight once you have ascended. They will be both on you side of the building and across the way, which will require an AR. Once all of your party is up, head to the door in the tunnel and take a left from there. You’ll then trigger the door to open.

After hitting the button and opening the door, plenty of enemies will be waiting to strike. This section has a main hallway with small hiding spots on your left and right. Be careful as you progress forwards and make sure to eliminate all of the enemies. At the end of the hall, jump down the chute to enter to the puzzle awaiting outside.

The Third Vent Puzzle: Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad EP 02 Guide

The third vent puzzle is the longest one by far and can be quite tricky if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Like the previous vent puzzles, head to the control panel first and have all members press one button at the same time. From there, navigate the vent puzzle as you did previously by only having one person on the vent at a time. For this puzzle especially, ensure you are working quickly as if you take too long the last person might not have enough time to complete the course. This course is in a ‘U’ shape.

After completing the course, the next section lies beyond the blue doors. Enter the doors and you will enter the flashlight section of the raid. Here, the entire area is pitch black and you’ll need to clear all the enemies. There will be various areas for you to drop down, which you will continue to do until you find a staircase to fall onto. Here, be prepared for a large wave of enemies that includes a Juggernaut.

It’s super easy to die here, so hide behind a pillar or in a room and peek your gun out to shoot. This will give your body the most protection possible from incoming fire. After knocking down the Juggernaut and friends, you’ll be able to enter the final resting area, which is another armory. Make sure to load up on plenty of ammo and armor.

How to Solve The Gas Puzzle – Atomgrad Ep 02 Modern Warfare 2 Guide

The final puzzle can be quite tricky. Each member will have a unique role, which means you’ll need to closely follow the guide below to ensure you complete this puzzle. You will be on a timer for this, so quickly work to move all three of your members in and out of the gas obstacle course. To give a quick overview, there are three different terminals. One of these controls the ventilation system, which will remove the gas. The second controls the fans, which will turn off the fans and allow someone to pass through them. Finally, the door control system opens up the door leading into the gas and the door leading out of the gas.

Before starting this puzzle, make sure to wipe out all of the enemies that will spawn in. These will come from above in most cases, while some will enter from the ground floor occasionally. Here are the steps to completing this puzzle:

  • Player 1 should head to the door leading into the gas. Player 2 should be at the door terminal. Finally, Player 3 should be at the gas terminal.
  • P3 needs to press the button to remove the gas from the chamber, and immediately after P2 needs to open the door. From here, P1 should run in and navigate as fast as possible through the course. At this time, P3 needs to run to the fan terminal.
  • Once P1 reaches the fans, P3 needs to activate the fan terminal.
  • After P1 moves through the fans and reaches the final door, P2 needs to activate the door terminal again for P1 to be able to access the final room.

At this point, P1 needs to clear all the enemies in the new room. There are a lot of them, but this player needs to finish them off before proceeding forward with the next player.

  • Once P1 is finished with the enemies, the player needs to move to the door terminal (back left of the room). P2 needs to move to the door before the gas chamber and P3 needs to be at the gas terminal.
  • P3 needs to activate the gas terminal, with P1 immediately opening the door for P2 afterwards. P3 moves to fan terminal now, while P1 remains at door terminal.
  • Once P2 is at fans, P3 needs to activate fan terminal.
  • At the end of the course, P1 needs to open the door one more time for P2 to escape.

After P2 is united with P1, the two players will need to knock out the plenty of enemies ready to spawn in. Once this is done, repeat the first process that initially happened with P3, who is still on the other side of the room before the gas chamber.

All three of you once united will have more enemies to deal with before you can progress to the escape portion of the mission. You’ll need to plant explosives to progress to this section, which will be done on this wall here.

After breaking this wall, it’s time to run! You’ll need to outrun the gas while plowing through the dozens of enemies in your way. Prioritize running over shooting but do shoot anyone in your way. Shooting too many enemies can cause the gas to catch up to you, which ends the raid in failure.

At the end of the hallway, you’ll see a prompt to close the airlock. Press this button and a cutscene will play, ending the raid! Depending on how you did in the raid, you’ll earn a reward that you can utilize in your locker.

That wraps up our Atomgrad EP 02 raid guide! Looking for help on EP 01 of the Atomgrad Raid? Check out our walkthrough here!

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