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Call of Duty Warzone 2 & MW2 SMG Longshot Distance Guide

In Call of Duty MW2, getting a longshot will be necessary to unlock most weapon camos, including the SMG class of weapons.  In MW2, a longshot is a kill when a player uses a weapon at a certain distance. This distance changes depending on the weapon class.

When a player does this, they are stretching the weapons to the limit of effective range, making it very dependent on the player’s skill and how well they have been able to master their game. Players will need to get longshots to unlock longshot mastery camos for each weapon. When a kill qualifies as a longshot, then a label that highlights and reads ‘longshot’ will appear immediately after the kill, along with the distance.

What is the MW2 SMG Longshot Distance?

There are different distances available for a kill to occur in the Longshot distances for every weapon class. For our focused class, SMGs, the longshot range is 30 meters.

How Do You Get SMG Longshots?

In general, the best way for players to get a longshot is to post up, then mount on a corner or head glitch. Employ a good long-range scope and then try to aim down areas where you believe that enemies will appear. There are specific maps that are ideal for a player when picking up longshot kills, like Shoot House & Shipment.

For SMGs, the best chance to get longshots is when your SMG is built with attachments that have accuracy and damage at long distances in mind. It’s important equip a barrel where there is always an increase in bullet velocity and effective damage range. Also, a grip to improve recoil control as well as a 2X sight. It will enable you to see and hit your long distance targets much easier.

The best way to get longshots in MW2 will be in hardcore mode. In this mode, player health is lowered a great amount and you’ll have to hit much less long range shots to kill. This allows SMGs the highest chance against weapons that have a higher effective damage range.

Those are the best things to know about hitting longshots with an SMG! If you’re looking to get longshots with other weapons, check out our general MW2 Warzone 2 longshots guide!

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