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Call of Duty MW2 Finishing Moves Guide: How to Unlock & Use

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 features a plethora of finishing moves that can be used to quickly eliminate your enemies. When sneaking up behind an enemy, you have the ability to unleash a finishing move to instantly kill them on the battlefield. This can be extremely tricky to pull off as you must be stealthy, however, if successfully performed you will be met with a finishing move animation. You have the ability to customize this depending on which finishing moves you have unlocked and selected.

It can be tricky to find out the various ways to unlock finishing moves, so we have outlined each of them below for your convenience!

Call of Duty MW2 – How to Unlock Finishing Moves

The easiest way to unlock new finishing moves in MW2 is to complete the battle pass. Each season, Activision puts in multiple new finishing moves and new Operators (who have unique finishing moves as well). This is a great way to gain new killer attacks to utilize against your opponents. The only trouble with this option is that it will take quite a bit of grinding to earn, as you have to work your way up the battle pass to unlock said finishing moves.

If you don’t feel like grinding out the battle pass, however, you can always just buy tiers if you feel like spending money on that. Additionally, you could look to buying bundles in the shop itself. Each of these bundles that include Operators always offer brand new finishing moves that you can unlock after purchasing.

How to Perform Finishers in Modern Warfare 2

It’s important to once again highlight what exactly a finishing move is. Technically, you do not need to “unlock” them as you will have a standard finishing move when you buy the game. To activate this, once again just sneak up behind an enemy and hold the melee button.

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