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Call of Duty MW2 Aim Assist Settings Guide: Best Aim Assist Type

For players in Call of Duty MW2, to increase your performance on controller, you’ll want to have the best MW2 aim assist settings. These settings can help assist players while they aim on controller, which tends to have a bit less precision than using a mouse. With the right aim assist as well as controller settings, MW2 players can have the advantage necessary to either win a tight gunfight.

Best Aim Assist Type in Call of Duty MW2

In Call of Duty MW2, aim assist is available to even the playing field. With aim assist, console players have an additional option when they are playing with the use of controllers. For console players who are keen on competing with PC players, these assist settings can help even up the experience while playing the game. With the setting, players can be very precise and accurate with their aiming.

For MW2 aim assist, use the following settings:

  • Target Aim Assist: On
  • Aim Assist Type: Default or Black Ops
  • Aim Response Curve Type: Dynamic
  • ADS Sens Multiplier: 1.00 or (between 0.75 to 0.85)
  • ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Instant
  • Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom: Start with default and adjust as needed.

For Inputs Deadzone:

  • Left Stick Min: 0.00
  • Right Stick Min: 0.00
  • Left Stick Max: 0.85
  • Right Stick Max: 0.85
  • L2/R2 Button Deadzones: 0.00

On the other hand, the sensitivity below will help players move their weapons and aim at the right speed needed in Modern Warfare 2.


  • Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: Between 4 to 6 (see what feels best for you through trial and error)
  • Sensitivity Multiplier: All Set To 1.00
  • Vertical Aim Axis: All set to standard (e.g air vehicle, ground vehicles, for on-foot and third-person)
  • Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 6

And those are our picks for the best Call of Duty MW2 aim assist settings! Looking for more Modern Warfare 2 guide content? Check out our guide on the newest raid, Atomgrad Ep 02 walkthrough!

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