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Call of Duty MW3 Longshot Guide: Launcher Longshot Distance

If you’re clearing out weapon challenges in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, chances are you probably aren’t thinking about Rocket Launcher longshots. However, these do exist and will require you to obtain all camos and other customization items. In general, these longshots are hard to obtain because of the sheer amount of distance needed to qualify as a kill. You’ll need to spend an ample amount of time focusing on this class above others. Here is everything you need to know about the Launcher longshot distance and methods in MW3

Launcher Class Longshot Distance in MW3Rocket Launcher Longshot MW3

To get a qualifying longshot kill with a weapon in the launcher class, the kill needs to be from at least 30 meters away. This is quite the distance that will require plenty of luck and strategic planning. 

While you can get the job done with a traditional rocket launcher, you are going to have a much easier (and less stressful) time opting to attempt longshot kills with a grenade launcher. For this, we recommend the RGL-80. At this time, it’s already a weapon that is accurate with loads of damage in MW3. It’s perfect for longshots. 

Best Modes for Longshot Kills

Call of Duty MW3 GhostThe best mode for these kills is Ground War. While you can succeed with longshots in traditional modes like Team Deathmatch, the larger maps found in Ground War allow for a more sandbox experience. Essentially, this means you can attempt longer kills since the maps are much larger. This is useful for plenty of reasons. Mainly, the natural open nature of the maps means things are wider open for kills. Tighter maps like Rust, for instance, could lead to tricky attempts at Launcher longshot kills in MW3.

If you attempt these challenges in Team Deathmatch, familiarize yourself with the 16 different maps available in this year’s Call of Duty here.