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Call of Duty MW3 AR Longshot Guide: Assault Rifle Longshot Distance

There are dozens of Assault Rifles available for you to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. These versatile weapons can be used in both short-ranged or long-distance situations, making them ample for any mode in the game. Long-range can be especially handy when aiming to get a longshot with an Assualt Rifle for a challenge. 

Plenty of variables need to be considered, including weapon attachments, game mode, and even the weapon itself. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to keep in mind about longshots for ARs.

Assault Rifle Longshot Distance in MW3

Call of Duy MW3 Assault Rifle Longshot

To receive a longshot with an Assault Rifle, you need to kill from at least 38 meters. That’s quite a bit farther than the shotgun longshot distance requirement. Most Assault Rifles available in MW3 will have the ability to kill at 38 meters, though. You need to make sure you have the proper attachments.

Naturally, you will likely run into issues obtaining these longshots on smaller maps used in Team Deathmatch or Search & Destroy. As a result, we recommend that you attempt to earn these longshots through Ground War, which offers a wide variety of large maps. These maps make it much easier to kill people at long distances.

Best ARs to Use for Longshots in MW3

One option is the MTZ-556. This Assault Rifle is unlocked quickly at the beginning and offers great accuracy, especially at long-range. Of course, this is essential for longshots, so it is a no-brainer to look at this weapon as one option. Another option is the MCW, which has an incredible accuracy rate that can’t be beaten. With low recoil, you can rely on this Assault Rifle for long-ranged shooting with ease. We recommend that you equip a proper scope with at least a 2X zoom for best results with an Assault Rifle. That gives you the best chance to rack up longshots quickly.

You might find it easier to kill at a distance while leaning. Read up on the lean mechanic and how to use it!