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Call of Duty MW3: When Does Warzone 3.0 Come Out?

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been out for nearly a month now, and it’s finally time for a refresh of Warzone. If you’re wondering exactly what time it goes live, if it’s still free, and what to expect, this Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 guide has everything you need to know and then some.

When Does Call of Duty: Warzone 3.0 Drop?

The new Warzone is expected to unlock at the same time as Season 1 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, which is at 12PM noon EST. This is a simultaneous global release, and here are times for other regions:
GMT: Dec. 6, 5 PM

Europe: Dec. 6, 6 PM

Eastern Time: Dec. 6, 12 PM EST

Central Time: Dec. 6, 11 AM CST

Mountain Time: Dec. 6, 10 AM MST

Pacific Time: Dec. 6, 9 AM PST

What Is The New Map In Warzone 3.0?

The new map is called Urzikstan, as partially seen in the new Modern Warfare Zombies.

Is Warzone 3.0 Still Free To Play?

Yes, the new Warzone is still free to play as it has always been (except for some account glitches), on all platforms–PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

What Are The Points Of Interest In Urzikstan: COD Warzone New Map

There are 11 major points of interest (POIs) in Urzikstan. Starting from the north-west corner they are:

  • Levin Resort

An  enclosed courtyard presenting the opportunity for shooters in the rafters to fire at anyone foolish enough to run around in the open below.

  • Popov Power

Power plant located dead north, with an industrial vibe making it difficult to distinguish enemies from the background clutter.

  • Orlov Military Base

Nestled in the north-east, and dotted with missile silos, bunkers, and barracks. A likely location for good loot, perhaps?

  • Seaport District

Far west, the fishing boats belie the dangers of being caught out in the open water–don’t linger here too long.

  • Urzikstan Cargo

Just east of the Seaport District, the cargo zone also overlooks Old Town to its south-east, offering vantage points for potential river crossing areas from atop its giant cranes, as well as CQB amidst the containers stacked beneath.

  • Old Town

Crumbling structures are all that remain as a reminder of this historic area of Zaravan City.

  • Low Town

Only a tiny step above Old Town, this slum will be a flash point for players as they cross from one end of the map to the other.

  • Hadiqa Farms

Set dead east of the map, this farming area has a lot of open ground and not much in the way of cover if you’re up against a long-range foe, without a long gun of your own.

  • Zaravan City

The new city that Old Town gave way to is located in the south-west, and ideally you’ll find yourself zip lining between skyscrapers, especially if you don’t want to run around on foot on the streets beneath.

  • Zaravan Suburbs

The towering structures of Zaravan City give way to the quieter residential areas of the Suburbs, and are a better route into the city, than coming in through the north and central chokepoints.

  • Shahin Manor 

A relatively sparse location, in comparison to other points of interest in Zaravan. This is a beautifully designed building, where you’ll need to be extra vigilant as you prowl the grounds of its estate.

In addition to those major POIs, a new driveable train will make its appearance as a mobile POI, fully kitted out with a Buy Station, UAV Tower, Horn, Ammo Depot, a guaranteed Legendary Supply Crate, besides the train’s forward/reverse engine controls and a handbrake set in the rear carriage.

Are The Old Maps Still Playable In Warzone 3.0?

Yes, both Ashika Island and Vondel will return in Warzone 3.0, but only after the first 48 hours of launch, presumably to encourage the player base to test Urzikstan, and fill lobbies quickly. All quality of life updates and improvements will also be implemented.

That wraps up everything you really need to know about the new Warzone in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Check out all of our other guide coverage for MW3 including how to slide cancel, drop shot, and aim while sliding.