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Call of Duty MW3 Drop Shot Guide: How To Dropshot

With the new emphasis on mobility and maneuverability in Call of Duty MW3, drop shots are still a viable method to take corners or catch pursuers by surprise, without also taking too much incoming fire. This Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 movement guide will detail the ideal settings, as well as how and when to do a drop shot correctly.

Best Settings For Drop Shot In Call of Duty MW3

On a controller, set up your button layout so that you don’t have to take a thumb off of your aim stick in order to go prone.

  • Settings
  • Controller
  • Controller Tab
  • Inputs Section
  • Edit Button Layout
  • Button Layout Preset: Tactical

Both this and some of the other Tactical layouts will allow you to click the right stick to go prone, instead of the face buttons in the default and similar layouts, thus keeping both your thumbs in position to move and aim.

If you have a claw grip or make use of a controller with extra rear buttons or paddles, this won’t be an issue. Mouse & keyboard has no such impediments, of course.

While not a setting, you may want to use the Tactical Pads boots (which are also helpful to help you aim while sliding) to further enhance your stance transition speed when entering drop shot.

COD MW3 How To Drop Shot

Drop shotting is as simple as going prone, and immediately aiming down the sight. The trick is timing it so that you break the enemy’s aim assist, and using it in the right situations. You can viably use it at the end of a sprint or a slide, in a pinch.

Drop shot can be used instead of slide canceling while taking corners, and in scenarios where you don’t want to or can’t sprint first. When used near a corner, the drop shot will let you head peek and then scuttle away from fire before you take too much damage. It also provides the opportunity to perform the snake advanced maneuver immediately after, if there is cover of a suitable height in proximity.

If you watch the animation closely during drop shots, you will notice that your off hand does fall away from the weapon briefly, but this will not affect the centering of your aim, allowing you to maintain a consistent bead on enemy heads.

Check out our other Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 movement guide on how to slide cancel, which you can perform right before drop shotting for an advanced combo maneuver that can break auto aim long enough for you to get the kill.