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Atomic Heart Best Weapons Guide: Best Upgrades & Weapons

Picking up the best weapons when exploring the sublime utopian world of Atomic Heart can drastically increase your winning odds. However, with a massive collection of weapons, it’s a time-consuming and daunting task to hand-pick the best Atomic Heart weapons. With that said, we’ll highlight some of the best Atomic Heart weapons to help you make an informed decision.

Best Atomic Heart Weapons – Swede

As one of the earliest weapons you can acquire in Atomic Heart, the Swede offers a unique melee option that remains viable throughout the game. While it may lack base damage, its impressive speed and charge damage make it a versatile one-handed weapon until you unlock the Pashtet.

According to the game developers, this fire axe was designed solely for that gruesome task, making it a brutal and effective choice for those who prioritize power over finesse. Whether you’re a fan of quick strikes or heavy-handed brutality, the Swede offers a reliable option to serve you well throughout your journey in Atomic Heart.


The Electro, which is one of the best weapons in Atomic Heart.

The Electro is a reliable weapon in Atomic Heart that comes as standard equipment for all Soviet cosmonauts. Although it may lack the raw firepower of heavy hitters like the Dominator, its precision and quickness make up for it.

One of the most significant advantages of the Electro is its ability to deal electric damage without the need for modification. This makes it particularly useful in combat against robots and other mechanical foes.

Overall, the Electro may only sometimes pack a punch, but its reliability and versatility make it an essential tool for any cosmonaut. Whether you’re battling robots or conserving ammunition, the Electro is a weapon that you can count on.

Best Atomic Heart Weapons – Fat Boy

The MARC, commonly known as Fat Boy, is a standard anti-tank grenade launcher that can be easily transformed into an MPADS by swapping out its ammo. This versatile weapon has replaced several other firearms in the Red Army’s arsenal, including the PTRS-41, VG-45, and RPG-2.

Despite its unconventional and non-ergonomic design, the Fat Boy has proven to be a convenient and highly effective Atomic Heart weapon. The Fat Boy’s ability to switch between anti-tank grenades and other ammunition types makes it a universal choice for various combat situations. On top of that, its accuracy and ease of use have made it a reliable weapon for soldiers. 

Overall, the Fat Boy is a perfect pick for killing the robots in abundance, but it’s essential to upgrade the weapon at the same time to maximize its potential.


One of the most beloved ranged weapons in the game, Railgun, fires a charged burst of energy in a straight line, capable of inflicting damage on multiple enemies simultaneously. This powerful Energy gun can shoot through numerous targets with a single shot, making it an invaluable asset in combat.

This Energy weapon boasts impressive stats, with damage of 10 and a charging speed of 8. Its recoil control and decreased spread are rated at a perfect 10, making it incredibly easy to handle and ensuring accurate shots even during intense combat. 

However, its ergonomics score is on the lower side at 2, indicating that it may not be the most comfortable weapon to wield for extended periods. Overall, the weapon’s impressive firepower and accuracy, coupled with its energy ammo type, makes it one of the best weapons of Atomic Heart.

Best Atomic Heart Weapons – Zvezdochka

Zvezdochka is a heavy beast assembled from a driveshaft and circular saws. Its motor is mounted to the handle, which spins the sharp saw discs. Zvezdochka has the best damage and charged damage of any melee weapon in the game, making it one of the most powerful weapons of Atomic Heart.  

Although it has a slow charge speed, players can improve this stat with attachment upgrades. As a result, the Zvezdochka can be turned into a ranged weapon that shoots its blades as its alt fire.

Overall, the Zvezdochka is a formidable weapon in the world of Atomic Heart. For players looking to deal massive damage and take on even the toughest of enemies, the Zvezdochka is a must-have weapon.

That wraps up our detailed guide on the best weapons in Atomic Heart. Having trouble with the FOV in game? Check out our guide on how to fix the FOV issue and learn how to adjust your FOV for an immersive experience.