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Armored Core 6 New Game Plus Guide: Does AC6 Have NG+?

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is proving to be a difficult game even on normal mode, but many players might be wondering if they can ramp things up even further with New Game Plus. This Armored Core 6 guide will show you everything you can do once you dive back into the game for a second and even third playthrough.

Is There A New Game Plus In Armored Core 6?

Yes, there is a New Game+ (NG+) in Armored Core 6, as well as a New Game++ (NG++) and both are available on release day. They are quite different from the regular run and from each other as well, based on certain choices made during the storyline. As a matter of fact, you can only play two-thirds of the 59 missions in your first playthrough, with the rest being locked to subsequent playthroughs.

What Changes In NG+ and NG++ (Armored Core VI)?

Does Armored Core 6 have New Game Plus?

In terms of difficulty, you can expect combat encounters to actually be easier than your first run, since you will have the benefit of the advanced endgame weaponry you’ve been unlocking or buying. In NG+, decisions will lead to three new missions being unlocked, and a new ending. NG++ offers even more missions, fourteen in fact, as well as the third and final ending. The new Arena Analysis tab will allow you to access 9 new encounters in NG+, and a further final three in NG++.

How To Start NG+ in Armored Core 6?

No special action is required. Simply beat the game once, and post-endgame credits roll, you will automatically be returned to the point in the story where you’ve just received your callsign i.e. Chapter 1, Mission 1: Illegal Entry, thus allowing you to skip the prologue.

What Carries Over In AC6 New Game Plus?

Everything you’ve accomplished so far is still available to you, including:

  • Current loadout
  • All unlocks and saved builds
  • Accrued COAM
  • Accumulated OST Chips
  • Arena progress

That’s all there is to know about the NG+ modes in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. Be sure to check out our guides on claiming your pre-order bonus DLC and testing out the best early game AC6 build.