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GTA Online Best Helicopter Guide: GTA V Best Helicopters 2023

In GTA Online, there are countless different helicopters that you can either unlock or purchase. Only selecting one of these can be quite challenging, especially as they vary in speed, reliability, and weapons. These sorts of things are extremely important whether you’re completing missions, attacking enemies in your lobby, or anything of the sort. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the best helicopters money can buy in GTA Online.

There are two separate places you can purchase helicopters in GTA Online. The first is Warstock Carry & Cache, which has helis that are armored and ready to attack the air space. These will be loaded with machine guns, missiles, and things of that nature. The other options is the Elitas Travel storefront, where your standard and luxurious rides await. While these might not have weapons, speed will be a main focus here. Helicopters from both of these stores are included below, so choose the best one for your situation!

GTA Online Best Helicopters: Savage

The Savage is a great upper middle ground attack helicopter that comes equipped with plenty of weaponry. While it isn’t too cheap at $2,600,000, it has both homing missiles and explosive guns. These cam come in extremely handy in battle, especially if you utilize the hover mode that is available with this chopper. This will allow you to hover in place and fire on enemies either below or in the air around you, which gives you a huge advantage overall in the airspace.


One of the best helicopters in GTA Online, the Volatus.

If you’re looking for luxury, look no further than the Volatus. This is the nicest helicopter you can buy in GTA Online, as it operates as one of the fastest helis in the game. Additionally, it has a very sleek design that anyone in your online lobby would be jealous of. If you’re looking to take it into battle though, you might want to look somewhere else as the Volatus does not have any weaponry or armor onboard. However, if you’re just looking to fuel your inner CEO, this is the perfect helicopter for you in GTA Online.


The Sparrow is a helicopter that will require an additional purchase, however, it comes in so much use when working on multiple heists. It only will cost you $1,800,000, however, you will also need to have the Submarine purchased for this to be available for purchase. Once it is though, you will have the ability to utilize the Sparrow on the Cayo Perico Heist, which will grant you the ability to rotate in and out of the island much quicker than any boat could. While it might not be the best helicopter for roaming around the world of GTA Online, it does have a great use for the Cayo Perico Heist that earns you plenty of cash.


If you’re looking to spend big bucks on the best armored helicopter in the game, then the Akula is the perfect helicopter for you. This $3,700,000 heli is the best pick for anyone looking to be best equipped for fighting. Equipped with a massive amount of armor, it will take a lot to get this helicopter to fall to the ground. Additionally, one of the exclusive features for this heli is the ability to utilize a stealth mode, which removes yourself from the map. Normally, players will be able to see a helicopter or plane icon if you’re flying, however, this vehicle has the ability to cloak yourself, so others won’t be able to spot you.

Buzzard – Best Helicopter in GTA Online

The Buzzard, the best helicopter in GTA Online.

The Buzzard is the most convenient and best overall helicopter available to purchase in GTA Online. One of the main reasons why it is so high on this list is that it can spawn in incredibly fast compared to any other helicopter on this list. If you register as a CEO, you will be able to immediately spawn in a Buzzard to your location. This ability has come in incredibly handy too many times to count, especially considering the Buzzard is armed. On the chopper, you have access to both machine guns and homing missiles, which makes for the perfect counter to pesky other players in your online lobby. At the $1,700,000 price tag, this helicopter in GTA Online is more than worth it for the perks.

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