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WWE Superstars Reportedly “Unhappy” With The Rock

WWE Superstars are reportedly unhappy with The Rock, with the TKO Board Member apparently causing issues with his content.

According to a new report from Aaron Varble of SEScoops: “I can exclusively report that a recent memo emphasized the need for talent to follow PG guidelines on TV and social media. Despite this, The Rock’s use of profanity, like in a recent promo, has raised questions among talent about double standards. They wonder why he’s allowed to curse while others aren’t.”

One talent backstage was reported as saying “Even if he is the big movie star, shouldn’t everyone play by the same rules? So he can curse and use that to get over, but everyone else is handcuffed?”

The Rock causing issues backstage?

It’s worth noting that this is a rumor/report, however, it does appear to have been verified by several notable different outlets so far.

The Rock was of course part of the late 90s/early 2000s Attitude Era, when WWE was the WWF and not a publicly traded company, so they could essentially ‘get away’ with much more.

Although there are apparently issues now backstage, Rock’s segments have seen the biggest ratings numbers that SmackDown have produced in quite some time…so clearly what he and the company are doing is working.

We’ll see if the Dwayne Johnson calms down his content on social media and television in the coming weeks, but it is unlikely to see much in the way of censorship as it is drawing such a massive amount of eyeballs to the product ahead of WrestleMania XL.

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