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WWE News: WCW Legend says that he “did not get on” with The Hardy Boyz

WWE News: A WCW legend has revealed that he did not get on with the Hardy Boyz when he joined the company in 2000.

Appearing on the Wrestling Shoot Interviews podcast, Perry Saturn revealed that he had issues with the duo when he first got into the WWF.

“Actually, Matt Hardy — me and Dean had a huge problem with him too. [In] WWF, he went to Vince [McMahon] to complain that I was beating them up every night” Perry began (via eWrestlingNews).

“They [the Hardyz] would … they were very tight with Michael Hayes and they would get together at night and set up the next day’s matches. Dean [Malenko] had more time in the ring than all of us, and both of us told [Matt], ‘Don’t do that,’ you know, ‘You got to let us f**king in on what’s going'” Saturn added.

WWE News: Perry Saturn talks issues with The Hardy Boyz

“And I would tell him, ‘You got to give Dean the respect.’ To not tell him what we’re doing, you know … And they would do it and do it and do it and then that was it. Finally, Jeff, I’d bump all over the place for, Matt [would] come in, I cut him off, you know, and just it was not … they could have handled it better and so could have we” Saturn concluded.

You can check out the full interview below:

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