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Tony Khan Reportedly Still “Really Angry” with AEW Star

AEW President Tony Khan is reportedly still “really angry” with an AEW star that may have caused CM Punk to be released from the company.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the current status of Jack Perry, who is believed to still be under AEW contract but he is working with New Japan Pro Wrestling for the time being.

“Tony’s really mad at him because he cost him CM Punk. He’s getting the blame” Meltzer claimed on the show (via WrestlingNewsCo).

“He probably should have been suspended for a month or two. Where are we at, seven months now?….. Seven months. It’s ridiculous. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime at this point. I mean, it’s like it’s his fault because the other guy like lost just mind?” Meltzer added.

Is Tony Khan still angry at Jack Perry?

WOR co-host Bryan Alvarez would react to Meltzer’s claim that Perry ‘cost’ AEW CM Punk, saying “I was gonna say, I mean he didn’t cost Tony CM Punk. CM Punk cost Tony. CM Punk by getting into a fight over this. Punk could have just got to Tony and said, ‘Suspend this dude. That was unprofessional’ and that would’ve been it.”

The company has not given any sort of official response to the claim, although it is likely to be brought up at some point with Khan more willing to speak to wrestling media than those in other companies.

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