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WWE Writer Shoots Down Claim About The Rock on SmackDown

A WWE writer and close friend of The Rock has shot down claims that ‘The Great One’ has been going overtime during recent segments.

Brian Gewirtz has been working with Dwayne Johnson for some time, going all the way back to the Attitude Era, and he refuted a recent claim from Fightful Select that The Rock’s segments had been going “too long” and over their allotted TV time.

Referring to the latest SmackDown, Gewirtz tweeted “The segment went 30 seconds under its allotted 20 minutes” in response to a post from Cultaholic mentioning the Fightful report.

Do The Rock Segments go long?

Fightful Select would update readers on the situation via its Patreon subscription account, noting: “The Rock’s concert [on SmackDown] was only scheduled for one segment internally, but those backstage told us ‘of course’ they figured it would go longer.

“Brian Gewirtz has claimed on social media it went 30 seconds less than it’s allotted 20 minutes” the site concluded.

SmackDown Ratings

Segments involving The Rock over the past few weeks have done monstrous numbers in terms of television ratings.

As of writing, the ratings for this past Friday’s show have not been revealed, but the prior week’s main event segment Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Rock and Roman Reigns drew an average of 2.83 million viewers, according to WrestleNomics.

The second largest segment of the night was the quarter hour prior, which brought in an average of around 2.46 million viewers, and this included the entrances of both Rock and Roman Reigns.

Even if Dwayne Johnson’s segments are going over their allotted time, he is a proven television ratings draw and the network and company themselves are probably extremely happy with the numbers.

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