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WWE Superstar “Does Not Care” About CM Punk Returning

A WWE Superstar has claimed that they “do not care” that CM Punk has made his return to the company after nearly 10 years away.

Speaking to the Gorilla Position Podcast, Kevin Owens noted “Well, we have no relationship. No, we’re not each other’s type of people I don’t think.

“There’s a ten-foot vicinity that if we enter in, then we have to kinda ‘Hey. Hi.’ Otherwise, we just don’t, and it’s fine. It’s perfectly fine” (via SEScoops).

When asked if he thought that Punk had changed in any way, Owens was equally nonchalant: “I don’t know that and I don’t care, to be honest. I am who I am. He is who he is, and it’s fine that way.”

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Kevin Owens Does Not Care About CM Punk

Owens is set to challenge for the United States Championship at WrestleMania XL, with current Champ Logan Paul putting his belt on the line against Randy Orton and Owens in a triple threat match.

CM Punk is not wrestling at Mania due to injury, but he will be on commentary for the Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre match on Night 2.

Whether we end up seeing Punk vs Owens at some point in the future remains to be seen, but they both have very similar career histories and it would certainly be a treat to see two of the best on the mic go face to face.

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