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Japanese Wrestling Star “In Town” for WrestleMania 40

A Japanese wrestling star, who has reportedly been on the radar of WWE for quite some time, is currently in Philly ahead of WrestleMania 40.

Giulia, who recently left the women’s pro-wrestling promotion STARDOM, has been seen taking photos with fans at WWE World events ahead of the massive event this weekend.

Although it was believed that she would be heading to WWE or AEW following her split from STARDOM, it is now believed that she is helping Rossy Ogawa to start a new wrestling promotion before she makes any commitments in the United States.

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Giulia in Philly Ahead of WrestleMania 40

It was initially believed that Giulia would be heading to NXT should she decide to sign with WWE, with Fightful reporting back in February of this year: “It is widely expected by those within WWE that she would go to NXT and the Performance Center, unless she was prepared on things necessary for the main roster ahead of time.

“Wrestling Observer noted that she would likely take some time off after finishing up with Stardom to work on her English. WWE sources told us that is something they have resources to aid with as well, in the event that she did come directly over. There was also one WWE source that joked that “Giulia’s English is better than the comprehension we’ve seen out of many native speakers.'”

It remains to be seen whether or not she does opt to sign with WWE, but there are rumors that she and Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion could be tied to WWE in some way to help build WWE’s presence in Japan.

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