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CM Punk WWE RAW Return Date Revealed

The return date for CM Punk to WWE RAW has officially been confirmed by the company ahead of WrestleMania XL in Philly.

Punk was injured back at the Royal Rumble, his first Premium Live Event back with the company in nearly 10 years, after he damaged his arm during a spot with Drew McIntyre.

Whilst it was expected that he would just sit out this year’s WrestleMania, there is a chance that he could be getting involved in some capacity.

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Will CM Punk be at WrestleMania XL?

It was revealed by the company that CM Punk would be returning to WWE RAW on Monday, March 25th, just a week ahead of WrestleMania. The show will be in Chicago that week, so it will be a homecoming for the Straight Edge Superstar ahead of ‘Mania in Philly.

What we do not currently know is what Punk is likely to do or say, but there are rumors that he could be the Special Guest Referee for the Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins World Heavyweight Championship match on Night 2 of the event, as he has personal issues with both men (in storyline).

We will hopefully find out nearer the time if this is the case, as the lack of CM Punk at the biggest show of the year was a letdown…but this could somewhat make up for it!

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