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CM Punk Confirms His WrestleMania XL Role On WWE RAW

CM Punk has officially confirmed what his role will be at WWE WrestleMania XL, after injuring his elbow earlier this year.

Punk cut a promo on this week’s episode of WWE RAW where he was interrupted first by Drew McIntyre and then by World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins before he could signal his intentions for the show in early April.

Fans had hoped that Punk would be the Special Guest Referee for McIntyre vs Rollins at ‘Mania, but Punk confirmed that he would be on commentary for the match on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40 alongside Pat McAfee and Michael Cole.

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CM Punk Confirms WrestleMania Role

McIntyre in particular has been teasing a feud with Punk in the future, constantly posting jabs at the Second City Saint on social media, and it looks like that will be the direction when CM Punk does finally return from injury.

Punk also mentioned several other talents during his promo before he was cut short, including Roman Reigns, who he claimed would probably end up crossing paths with him at some point down the line.

Whether we see Punk get physical at Mania remains to be seen, but considering that he is not going to be cleared for a while to wrestle, it’s probably not likely.

As of writing, it is believed that CM Punk will be ready to wrestle again around July/August, so he could potentially get a match with McIntyre or Rollins then.

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