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Former WWE Champion Talks “Gamble” of Potential In-Ring Return

A former WWE Champion has discussed the gamble of them potentially getting back in the ring after a horrific neck injury.

Big E, a former WWE Champion and member of The New Day stable, recently spoke to CBS Sports (via SEScoops) about his recovery and moving forward.

“I’ve been doing physical things my entire life, and I never wanted to leave sports hobbled and crippled” he began.

“It’s just a matter of listening to the doctors, taking in enough information, looking at my more recent set of scans and deciding if the gamble is worth it” the former WWE Champion noted.

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Big E Talks Potential WWE Return

E would also reveal that a number of WWE Legends have contacted him with regards to his injury to offer their experiences and support:

“I’ve been so thankful for so many of the guys I grew up loving and watching as a kid, so many legends who wanted to reach out and share what they went through when they had their neck injuries. I’m so grateful to all of them.”

The New Day member suffered from a horrific neck injury back in March 2022 on an episode of SmackDown, when an overhead suplex outside the ring was botched and he landed directly onto his neck.

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