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Hey, Welcome to Hard Drive! Need Help Finding Anything or Just Looking Around?

Hey! Welcome to Hard Drive! Need help finding anything or just looking around? My name’s Regis, if you have any questions or assistance, but most people call ‘Reg,’ or ‘the Reginator,’ haha. 

We mostly do articles here, but you probably already knew that. Have you seen this one yet? It’s one of my favorites. Oh and you gotta check this one out. I’ve been reading it all day. People think we only write about video games, but we actually write about a ton of stuff across the nerd and pop culture ecosystem/zeitgeist, you know? Anyway, I would definitely consider clicking on the link and reading the whole thing, because that’s how we keep the lights on. But most people think we only do headlines, which is crazy haha. Sorry, are you just browsing? That’s cool, that’s cool. I actually used to think Bowser from Mario was called Browser for a few years when I was a little kid. Isn’t that funny?

Oh, we also sell merch! It’s pretty rad too, might I add. Like this one here: it’s a beer koozie that says “Banjo-Koozie” on it. Like the game! I took mine to the beach this summer, and my friends said it was pretty cool. There’s also this t-shirt we’ve got that says “I’d Rather be Playing SEGA Bass Fishing,” but I don’t think I need to spell that one out for you if you’re a gamer like me — and I think you are. Video games are so sick.

If you’re in the mood for something different, we just opened up Minus World. We’re actually starting to write up some guides there, too. I’m starting to get into the MultiVersus scene, and this one’s been pretty helpful for me. If only I could get my girlfriend to start playing the game, too, but she’s not really into games which can kind of be a bummer, not gonna lie. Hell, sometimes she won’t even admit she’s my girlfriend. She’s such a tease! Sorry, sorry, I know you said you were just looking around. I’ll leave you alone.

Oh, and you should definitely check out our socials! We’ve got a discord that’s pretty insane, if you wanna hang out with other members of the community. It’s freaking crazy over there with the memes sometimes. I actually met a buddy of mine through there and we’re gonna hang out soon, but he lives in Tampa, so I’m thinking about flying down there for Labor Day weekend. We’re also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too. 

What else, what else…

Oh yeah! Here’s a bunch of other cool stuff we’ve got going on at the moment:

VIDEO — If you prefer your HD content in video format. They don’t call ‘em written games, right? They call ‘em video games. That’s just a little joke I like to say around here.

REVIEWS — What can I say, we like to stay up-to-date with the newest releases haha. We even just did one about that new Kirby game. It’s pretty cool if you like little kid stuff, I guess. I’m more into more brutal games like Shin Megami Tensei. But actually I tried the Kirby game and it’s pretty cool too.

TWITCH — We’ve been streaming video games on there when we’re around. It’s a pretty good time. I don’t think I need to spell that one out for you if you’re a gamer like me — and I think you are. Sorry, did I say that already? They told me I’m supposed to say that.

That’s pretty much it! You can let the guy at the front know that Reg helped you out today. And if you’re interested, we have a Rewards card—wait where are you going? Come back!