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We Were Gonna Write a Sssniperwolf Article but I Just Got a Picture of My House in a Mysterious DM

As you all likely know, Hard Drive is the last bastion of real, hard-hitting game journalism. And if you know anything about journalism, you know that we need to cover drama to garner as many clicks as possible. As such, you might be wondering where our article about the big recent YouTube drama between jacksfilms and sssniperwolf is.

I regret to inform you, dear reader, that despite having a great article in our classic Hard Drive style with quotes from both YouTubers and everything, we’ve had to cancel this article. We try to be courageous and fearless in our reporting, including being the only outlet to report on the cancelled Super Waluigi Odyssey, but we’ve had to hold back on this one. This is due to an “anonymous” DM I just received on my Twitter account showing me an image of my own home with text reading “call it off.”

Now, I would hate to point fingers without evidence, but one person you’re writing a story about has a history of publishing photos of the homes of folks making fun of them, it’s hard for there not to be a few pointed fingers and raised eyebrows.

There remains quite a few questions about this incident. How did she know I was writing an article about her drama? Is there a mole in the Hard Drive pitch channel? Is she herself in her pitch channel, pretending to be someone else with an anonymous profile picture? How the hell did she even get to Iowa to take a photo of my home? I don’t have any questions for these answers, and I quite honestly doubt that I ever will.

Just know that all you Hard Drive readers were robbed of what could have been a great article. Now we’ll never get to publish anything about this whole situation.