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Video Game With Four Emote Options Perfectly Matches Gamer’s Range of Emotions

WICHITA, Kan. — Local gamer Tad Frassley is happy that he has discovered a competitive online game that only has four emotes, mirroring his simple emotional palate.

Frassley, a 12-year-old stuck inside a 34-year-old, has become an avid fan of card-battler StacksWorldz after discovering how little emotion you have the ability to convey in the game. 

“It’s, like, depressing to play a game and have all these different emotions you can do,” Frassley said using the sad emote. “Worst yet, all the different feelings and stuff change between games. How am I supposed to tell ‘jaunty’ in one game from ‘jovial’ in a different one? Like, what even is ‘swagger’? I don’t get it, man; all I need is a small list of emotes to let people know what I think.

StacksWorldz, a card-battling roguelike WW2 RPG MMO with a story about magic teenage alien zombies, has only four reactions that players can use: happy, angry, sad, and confused. That’s not many compared to other card games on the market, but that’s a selling point for Frassley.

“That’s why StacksWorldz fuckin’ rules; doesn’t have all that bullshit, “ Frassley continued, angrily emoting. “It’s just got the four buttons you can press to tell the other guy how you feel about his last move, and that’s all you need. I mean, look at Baldur’s Gate 3; do you know how many emotionally fraught conversations and situations you can get into in that? Too many– it sucks. I have no idea what people are trying to tell me through body language and tone of voice in that stupid game.” 

As of press time, Frassley claimed he was quitting StacksWorldz after he was confused by the new paid premium emote that was added to convey “disappointment”.