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U2 Rent Out Sphere for Another Night to Play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ On It

LAS VEGAS — In the midst of playing multiple nights of sold-out shows at Las Vegas’ infamous Sphere venue, the band U2 took time today to hook up Super Smash Bros. on the high-def LED video screen covering the entire shell of the building.

“When we heard about the screens in Sphere, we knew we had to get involved,” explained Bono, U2’s frontman and an Olimar main. “Cutting-edge technology is important and always has been ever since Zoo TV, when we played Sonic the Hedgehog on those massive screens. We’ve been working shows for years at various venues, but this place is special. Nowhere else can you have the entirety of Hyrule Castle wrap around your head as you meteor-smash Larry right off the stage.”

Other members of the band agreed that Sphere is an extraordinary venue for performing at and playing Super Smash Bros.

“We’ve been very impressed so far with everything at Sphere” claimed guitar virtuoso and Snake-user The Edge. “Normally we only spend a few hours before and after a show dealing with the arena, and let tech guys work on the rest. Here, they’ve worked with us to make a truly immersive and spectacular show for the downtime while we’re not repeatedly hitting Larry with Poké Balls.”

Larry Mullen Jr., the band’s resident Donkey Kong player, hopes fans enjoy what they see.

“It’s a great feeling to play for the big crowds like we have, but we didn’t expect any of this,” explained Mullen. “The concerts were just an excuse to see if it’s possible to see all of Hyrule Temple at once on this big-ass screen, and we can; it’s breathtaking.”

At press time, Post Malone was in contact with Sphere in the hopes of running a series of shows so he can stream Magic: The Gathering Arena on the venue’s enormous screens.