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Nintendo Fan Furious That ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ Might Be a Rehash of the Greatest Game of All Time

BRIGHTON, Colo. — After watching a newly-released gameplay demonstration for the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, local Nintendo fan Victor Pacholik was seething with rage at the possibility that the game might be little more than a rehash of Breath of the Wild — which he considers, by far, to be the best video game ever made.

“For six years, the fandom has been clamoring to relive the experience of playing Breath of the Wild for the first time,” Pacholik explained. “It’s just depressing that after all of that, Nintendo expects us to basically play the same game again.”

Pacholik then described in detail how Nintendo let him down by borrowing elements from what he has called the untouchable gold standard of open-world RPGs.

“It’s the same engine, the same map, the same exhilarating gameplay that consistently rewards exploration and experimentation,” complained Pacholik. “They seriously just took [one of the most universally beloved entertainment experiences in history] and made it a little bit better. What a disappointment.”

Pacholik took to Twitter to express further concerns.

“yikes, i know nintendo is notorious for recycling the same formula over and over, but they really did just copy-and-paste [the best-selling Zelda game in the franchise by a margin of over 20 million copies] and call it a day,” read a tweet from Pacholik under his handle @BOTW4life.

The thread continued: “do they really think they can get away with charging $70 for 100+ hours of imaginative puzzles and inventive combat, several groundbreaking new mechanics and abilities, and whatever other elements haven’t been revealed in the extremely limited previews we’ve gotten thus far ???”

At press time, Pacholik put the finishing touches on his one-star Letterboxd review of The Godfather Part II, which reads, in full: “hollywood come up with an original idea challenge. difficulty impossible.”

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