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Nintendo Confirms Joss Whedon Wrote Dialogue for ‘Mario Wonder’ Talking Flower

KYOTO — Following the smash-hit success of their recently released Super Mario Bros Wonder, Nintendo revealed this week that writer and director Joss Whedon was in charge of the quippy dialogue for the game’s talking flower character.

“When trying to appeal to overseas markets, it can be a complicated matter,” explained the game’s director, Shiro Mouri. “Judging by the general tone of movies released in America though, there was no clearer choice for someone to hire for obnoxious and intrusive dialogue than Joss Whedon-san.”

Whedon expressed gratitude at the opportunity afforded to him.

“Soooooo that just happened!” stated Whedon. “Like, these guys from Nintendo show up, ask me if I can some serve up some one-liners for their game, and I’m all like, ‘uhhhhh he’s right behind me, isn’t he?’ They weren’t laughing, but that’s probably because of the cultural and language barrier. Yeah. That’s gotta hurt.”

Mouri elaborated further on the collaboration.

“We kind of wanted to help guide new players,” said Mouri. “And Whedon-san’s tendency to state the extremely obvious made him the perfect candidate. We did make it clear however that players can mute the talking flower if they find him to be a little intrusive, though. I know I did.”

At press time, it was reported that many gamers were continuing to hear the flower’s quips and commentary even when their system was in sleep mode.